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Vox Hunt: 70s Flashback June 30, 2008

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Show us something in your house from the 1970s.

Well the 70s started this way




And then they went this way



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16 Responses to “Vox Hunt: 70s Flashback”

  1. Emjay Says:

    I don't think I have any books from the '70s… not because I didn't read but because of all the moving.

  2. gcgal Says:

    Ahhhh the good old days, always loved those books!

  3. Red Pen Says:

    Good old Nancy Drew.

  4. Waterbaby Says:

    Mystery of the Glowing Eye – lol, love the title.

  5. LOVE Nancy Drew! I swore I was going to grow up just like her, but my Mother stuck around and my Dad is not wealthy or a lawyer, I also did not have a friend who was pleasingly plump or a friend who was a tomboy

  6. cat Says:

    lol – well you didn't have much chance then. I read a lot of Nancy Drew – I liked Trixie Beldon as well.

  7. cat Says:

    very sinister – I can't remember that storyline

  8. cat Says:

    a good role model – even though she was allowed to do dangerous things

  9. cat Says:

    I think The Folk of the Faraway Tree is one of my all time favourites. Read it many times.

  10. I LOVED Trixie Beldon Too!

  11. gcgal Says:

    Yeah it's a great story….I wish I'd kept more of my books from my childhood but having a younger sister didn't help, she systematically destroyed most of them 😦

  12. I have those same Faraway tree editions. Long live Fanny and Cousin Dick (they are now called Franny and Rick in the newer editions)!

  13. cat Says:

    lol – thats ridiculous

  14. gcgal Says:

    Tell me about it…and don't get me started on what she did to my dolls! lol I won't let her live any of it down.

  15. Waterbaby Says:

    the title is just too cool.

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