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JD and The Concerned Citizen June 24, 2008

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Not too long ago the police came knocking at my door. (That sounds familiar).

They said to me

Is JD here? (he works with Daz)

I said

NO (oops, I didn't shout it, my finger just hit the caps key). I said

No, why, what'd he do?

And she told me. Which I thought was a bit strange. I thought they'd like to tell him first before they blabbed it all over town.

Apparently the police had received a phone call from The Concerned Citizen to say that he was driving to work and JD had overtaken him  going 130 kilometres an hour. Twice he'd done it. Different days of course.

The first thing I thought (but didn't say) was

How fast was Concerned Citizen going himself for JD to have to go 130 to get past him? And how does he know JD was going that exact speed? And how reliable can the police judge this citizen to be?

So I had on my slightly concerned, this is a bit serious face and said to them

Have you seen what JD drives?

I mean its a transit van. It looks similar to something Postman Pat might like to drive. And the back of it is loaded with gas bottles and ladders and tools.  If it ever gets anywhere near 130 kilometres an hour, well I want to see it happen.

Anyway, I told them exactly where he was, because it's always good for a laugh to get the cops onto him. I think when they saw the van they were a bit dubious. Pity they didn't take him out the road and make him crank the transit up just to see how fast it would go.


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7 Responses to “JD and The Concerned Citizen”

  1. Ooh Cat, you are awful … but I like you!

  2. cat Says:

    a dick emery fan are you?

  3. So that's where that line comes from! I think it must have been buried in my subconscious from watching that show too many time with my grandparents when I was a kid.
    Was actually thinking about Dick Emery earlier this week in relation to my teeth!

  4. cat Says:

    lol – next you'll be telling me that your teeth were as bad as that other guy – was it chad morgan, who had the really bad teeth

  5. Got to love the Do Gooder with the God complex…

  6. cat Says:

    should have asked her what he was driving – probably a souped up commodore

  7. Yes, I think it was Chad Morgan. Dick Emery's were rather gleaming and false looking (at least that is how they looked on b&w tv).

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