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papas slidebox June 14, 2008

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Here we are with my father – I'm The Baby. I think this was after my grandparents came home from one of their trips by the look of those shirts. You wonder how my father bred all those blonde children being so dark. He was a bit exotic for our small country town. A foreigner. My sister – the very blonde one – had to write a story at school once about My Father. She wrote – my father has dark skin and black curly hair and comes from an island. He said the teacher would be expecting him to turn up at school with a spear.



Here is me – This would be my all time favourite outfit



This is my mother looking gorgeous. Love that skirt



And here I am with my sister – she's just about to drop me by the look of it. I don't look very old, parents get very reckless with the fourth child!


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8 Responses to “papas slidebox”

  1. Connie Says:

    [this is precious]

  2. Waterbaby Says:

    very cool skirt. and the shoes ain't bad either.

  3. cat Says:

    oh yes – meant to write I like the shoes – thats why I hadn't put a full stop, but then my mind wandered off.

  4. Great photos – you were a beautiful child! Not that you aren't beautiful now – you know what I mean!
    My daughter had the same experience. She told her teacher that Grandpa was born in Sri Lanka – and the teacher asked what colour his skin was as daughter was so English skinned! [Grandpa is of English descent!]

  5. cat Says:

    lol – we were all sweet – we look like the Von Trapps, but we escaped to Hawaii instead of Switzerland

  6. snoringKatZ Says:

    I love the grooooovy pantsuit! Mum's got some serious style going on. No wonder she captured the savage heart 🙂

  7. cat Says:

    I was definitely a child of the seventies
    Mum tells me my father was one of the first men in australia to wear suede shoes.

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