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money matters June 5, 2008

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According to my credit card statement I spent $267.00 at the local chicken shop. Thats on one visit. Maybe we had a party I forgot about. When I went and said to them – I love your chicken, but this isn't right, she gave me a credit note and said 'thank you for bringing it to our attention'. As if I wouldn't.

Then a cheque came in the mail. I looked in our sales but couldn't find the invoice. That usually means I've written it off because it's so old. So I looked in the file and there it was. These people were paying a $ 330.00 invoice I sent them in November 2004. There was a note with the cheque saying 'sorry for the late payment'. Why would you even bother after that amount of time. Daz thinks she may be having an Earl type experience.

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11 Responses to “money matters”

  1. cat Says:

    what else could it be

  2. Worker Says:

    Maybe they only realised they hadn't paid now, either way I think good on them. Better late then never 🙂

  3. cat Says:

    nope, they knew, because I probably spent about $100 on postage and phone calls chasing up that money for the first 6 months. And JD was really pissed about it because he got a flat tyre on his way to do the job.

  4. boxofglory Says:

    Maybe they were under financial pressure at the time and now that's they're not, they are paying out all of their debts? It happens!

  5. Mah Says:

    ~The poster child for Adult ADHD chimes in on one of her usual tangents~ You know someone named Daz?? I have a friend in Second Life with that name and thought it was the neatest name, I used it for my cat. 🙂 Never heard of an actual person named that! Just wondering if its common where you are. Gosh, I'm nosey.

  6. cat Says:

    I know him well – my husband I call Daz. I saw that on your blog and thought it was funny – what with us being Cat and Daz.

  7. cat Says:

    oops – forgot to mention it is only common here because we abbreviate all names

  8. cat Says:

    Maybe – but its a bloody long time to hang on to the invoice. Can't imagine doing it myself.

  9. Paxton Says:

    Did they pay you interest for the money they owed you for the last three and a half years?

  10. cat Says:

    don't want to push my luck

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