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Sunday bloody sunday June 3, 2008

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The girl Kimba lives with, who shall be known as Riley, works as a barmaid to help pay her way through Uni. So on Sunday night the woman who owns the pub said to Kimba – 'why don't you come in to work with Riley and you can watch and learn and she can show you what goes on. A bit of work experience'. So Kimba said ok. Because with a bit of experience you can always pick up bar work.

So they're about two hours into the six hour shift when Riley starts feeling unwell. Then really unwell. And they decide she should go to hospital. So the guy in charge drives her to hospital. Which leaves Kimba in charge. So it's gone from work experience to running the pub. Go Kimba.

She told me that it's a good thing she's spent so much time in pubs over the last twelve months. Because she knew what someone wanted if they ordered a JD, or a schooner, or a middie. They seem to be the most popular sunday night drinks.

I have something purple. I don't know what the purple day is though and the link wouldn't work. But purple has always been my favourite colour so I'm there. Supporting it. I know it looks pink. But its purple.


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5 Responses to “Sunday bloody sunday”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    technically that may be fuschia, a shade of purple. so you're safe. 😉

  2. Down & Dirty Says:

    go Kimba, indeed 🙂 trial by fire isn't the easiest way to learn, but it is most certainly effective!i hope her roommate is for the flowers: there is definitely some ultra-violet in there, so you're good…

  3. cat Says:

    it looked more purple before I messed around with it – but it was too late to go back. Don't like going back.

  4. cat Says:

    Yes I think it was a good experience for her – she is a girl who thinks she can't do anything or takes ages to decide to do something. So she needs that sort of thing to help her realise that – yes she can do it.

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