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giving Katz a smile May 27, 2008

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Because she likes this sort of thing.

As everyone should in fact. I was looking through my little book of pulp today because I love all those old pulp covers. The chicks are so damn cool.


So here are some of my favourites










Hang on – and one of my favourite tiles – my own Sin


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14 Responses to “giving Katz a smile”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    These are great. You know what's sad. Someone somewhere, probably in the States, is gonna be "offended," saying they're sexist, perpetuate stereotypes, hire a lawyer and walk out with a reward. (p.s. maybe you should delete this comment so as not to give some American female ideas!)

  2. cat Says:

    People these days are so uptight! A lot of these books were written by women.

  3. homebody Says:

    [these look excellent!] Thanks for sharing these covers (and another great tile!). I want to read Sin on Wheels.

  4. Waterbaby Says:

    Americans are incredibly uptight; comparatively, for Aussies life's a day at the beach (no pun intended).

  5. cat Says:

    I love that one – and Farm Girl. There's another one I couldn't find called Swamp Bred that always gives me a laugh

  6. cat Says:

    We haven't quite come to love suing whoever we can yet – but I feel it coming

  7. snoringKatZ Says:

    Oh Cat! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Confessions of a Gorgeous Hussy almost sent coffee flying across the room. Who knew it could get better than Sin on Wheels?Wrath. Fantastic! My cheeks hurt from trying to hold in the grins 🙂

  8. cat Says:

    yeah – they don't write 'em like that anymore

  9. These are so cool! I have a couple pulp magazines I have picked up at estate sales and such. The artwork is SO great!

  10. cat Says:

    lucky you – you find all the good stuff. You must live in an area with lots of old people!

  11. I am just diligent about it, I look more than I should

  12. kris Says:

    Love these covers. Beautiful artwork. Curvy women.

  13. Cool! I remember a girl at my school used to circulate books like these amongst the students. We were in Year 8 at the time!

  14. cat Says:

    yes – when women weren't afraid to be women.

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