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language – aussie style May 24, 2008

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After a chat with Baby yesterday I started thinking about us australians and how we just aren't  satisfied with a word unless we can put an o or y sound on the end of it.

Take names – And I'll just get Bazza, Gazza and Dazza out of the way first.

If you're Dave, you'll be called, Davo, John will be Johnno, Steve – Stevo. Jim – Jimbo

If your surname is Black consider yourself Blackie, Thompson – Thommo, Smith – Smithy

If you live in Newcastle – you live in Newy

Brisbane – Brissy

Freemantle – Freeo

When you have a drink you order:

a voddie – vodka

a twiste – twist top

a chardy – chardonay

And just tonight I heard my son say he felt like a bevy – a beveridge

Got a drinking problem, need AA, you're probably an alcho

Morning tea time – then it's time for smoko

You might have a sambo – sandwich, you could put avo on it – avocado

Or maybe you'll spark up the barbie – barbeque

Having a conversation with someone is a convo and if you're going to see them in the afternoon, it's the arvo.

Need your sunglasses – get your sunnies

Had an accident – call the ambo – ambulance

See whats on television, turn on the telly

And what to watch on the telly? Why not get educated and watch a doco – documentary

If you want a cigarette you have a durry

Why not go to the football and watch some footy

Garbage night – better put the bins out for the garbo

kerosene – kero

methylated spirits – metho

the milkman is the milko

 the postman – postie

a mosquito – mozzie

Need to go to the service station – go to the servo

And if you do a U turn - you chuck a yewie

There would be thousands more, these are just ones I use. No wonder people think we speak another language.

And I'd just like to clear up the word aussie. It's not ossie. You have to pronounce the ss as a zz  


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22 Responses to “language – aussie style”

  1. Connie Says:

    Connie = Connie? 🙂

  2. Ninja Says:

    Being off work due to illness = chuck a sickie. That's my fave.

  3. Brissie has come a long way – we are now BrisVegas!

  4. cat Says:

    lol – we'd have to call you Conno

  5. cat Says:

    chuck a sickie – forgot about that one – lol

  6. cat Says:

    lol – BrisVegas, thats a bit posh – are you lot all up yourselves or something

  7. Connie Says:

    Conno, como horo! = Connie, come here! LOL

  8. Emjay Says:

    It was difficult to add either an ie or an o to my name. Problem solved – it was shortened and then the ie added!! I hated it but at least only a couple of people did it – parents friends! I am slowly converting some Americans to the sunnies, arvo lingo. The Ossie thing annoys me but the pronunciation I most hear for emu really cracks me up. It is like ee-mooooo! LOL

  9. Reney Says:

    Hahahahahaha!Love it

  10. Red Pen Says:

    Sunnies! I love it. Sounds so much better. Thanks, mate. Or is that matey?

  11. Down & Dirty Says:

    you crack me up!if i ever find myself in need of a speech for a roast or an oscar acceptance, I am so hiring you. 😉

  12. cat Says:

    oh good, except no one will know what I'm talking about

  13. cat Says:

    lol – no, we're not pirates, it's not matey, just mate. You could say – onya mate
    thats good on you mate – maybe we're just lazy and can't be bothered saying the whole word

  14. Down & Dirty Says:

    that's fine by me…no one knows what i'm on about half the time anyway 🙂

  15. Waterbaby Says:

    One thought ran through my mind after reading each and every one of these fabuloso words: Could it be Aussies have lazy tongues?

  16. cat Says:

    lazy, thats a harsh word. I like to think of us as conserving energy

  17. Waterbaby Says:

    ah, the joys of wordplay

  18. jd Says:

    after all that I think you deserve a cuppa or a tinnywe have a local suburb referred to as Northo, notice you avoided the dunny!

  19. cat Says:

    oh the dunny – forgot all about that. There must be thousand of them out there – words that is

  20. Worker Says:

    Cat, my new GF is amazed at our words and has pointed out already that we shorten words and add y or ie and yep..extra letters or less.I never sat and thought about it until it was pointed out and I just love all the examples you pointed out..I will send her here to check it out. left out my Fav…;)

  21. cat Says:

    Once I said to an american woman that I'd stuffed up something and I think she thought it was something sexual!

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