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ration, scrimp, save May 7, 2008

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I was pretty impressed with myself this morning.

My weekly grocery bill came in at under $200. Just under mind you at $197. But under is under and that is my aim. I know $200 probably seems like an enormous shocking amount for some people but that feeds five people, a dog and a cat for a week. And it's impossible for us to go lower.

I buy home brand where I can, I study and compare prices (I take a calculator) and I stick to needs over wants. I don't do much impulse buying. No biscuits, frozen pizza, cake, nice face cream, expensive shampoo.

But I'll be back to the shops through the week for bread and milk top ups.

Trouble is that the kids go through the house like a locust plague on the first three days after shopping day, then spend the rest of the week gazing in the empty fridge and pantry as if something might magically appear there.

How did just living get to be so bloody expensive.

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22 Responses to “ration, scrimp, save”

  1. Candy Sparks Says:

    i give myself a 100 dollar limit… and thats just getting the basics… fruits vegs, meats, and milk…
    and that is not enough for me… so what you do with 200 for 5 people and a dog and cat is quite amazing!!


  2. KWYM about the locusts! It is only Wednesday and we are already out of bread, rice and tomatoes and who knows what else. My husband spent a couple of hundred dollars shopping on the weekend so you would think we could at least last the week without having to do more.

  3. cat Says:

    Maybe I'm starving everyone

  4. cat Says:

    when you start adding it up over a year it's ridiculous – and it's all those litttle trips in between that add up.

  5. Paxton Says:

    That seems really good, but I don't know the value of Australian dollars, and I'm too lazy to look it up. I'll assume you're very frugal. :->

  6. Ausssie dollars pretty equiv to US at the moment (woo hoo!).

  7. Hey! That locust plague happens here too! Except I only have one child and all his friends. They are all bottomless pits at this age, and no matter how I try to arrange it, his friends still seem to show up at snack times and raid our pantry.

  8. cat Says:

    frugal – thats a nice way to put it.

  9. cat Says:

    There's a 17 year old boy that comes here and he drinks huge glasses of milk. Lots of them.

  10. Lizzie Says:

    Back when my ex was a part of the family we had an incredibly limited budget to live on. I'd pay the bills and then go shopping with the meagre amount left, which had to feed a family of six. I lost track of the times I would feed the kids before he came home from work and dirty a fifth plate so it would look as though I had eaten as well when I dished up his. Not that I should have bothered. I found out he'd been given backhanders from his boss and not only that but he gave me £170 a week to pay everything and kept everything over that – so he had £50 a week to spend on his beer, fags and takeaways from his wages, plus the backhanders… then would quite happily munch his way through the kids' packing up as well, so that would all be gone within three days.
    I have to say, life got a lot easier after I kicked him out!

  11. Waterbaby Says:

    A tab of $200 for that many mouths sounds impressive to me. In our home, we had to earn our meals. Maybe you could initiate the same policy and trim that down by half. 😉

  12. Indiana Says:

    I have the locust plague to. Makes a person hate going grocery shopping, it all disappears so quick.

  13. cat Says:

    And if I buy a tub of yoghurt (or anything really) because I might like some every now and then I have to hide it otherwise its gone the second day.

  14. cat Says:

    What sort of thing should they have to do? Give me foot massages maybe

  15. cat Says:

    thtas another thing. We don't spend money on fags and we don't go out much. Also the company pays for petrol and we both work. I don't know how families living on one wage get by.

  16. Ninja Says:

    We do about $200, too, each week but I'm buggered if I'm seeing all that food actually get cooked and eaten in the Ninja den. Tell you what I do see, though: Science experiments in the fridge that turn into a funny/weird hue of colour because someone over-cooked portions again.

  17. cat Says:

    you need a teenage boy – they don't like to leave anything, When I look in the fridge its always bare and I wonder where my money went.

  18. Waterbaby Says:

    work. work in the house. work in the yard. work in the neighbors' yard. work for an employer. work for a good cause. or even a bad cause. shall i go on? ;D

  19. cat Says:

    I make them work for pocket money – but I wouldn't make them work for food.

  20. Waterbaby Says:

    there's a concept i can't wrap my mind around.

  21. I hear ya – and you know, the more attention I pay to eating healthily the more my own shopping bill goes up! It's just me and I'm spending approx $50.00 a week. Fresh veggies and fruits are expensive. I miss living in a farming community. Where I grew up, nobody ever paid for veggies.

  22. cat Says:

    I think thats one of the reasons people are overweight. Much cheaper to live on processed meats and other nasty stuff.

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