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papas slidebox April 19, 2008

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This is a combination of bibs and bobs, boats and buildings. Really need to have a better filing system.

Not sure where this gate leads but it's a nice little picture.

These next couple from the boat file were nice.



And this little guy I like – all snazzy isn't he – waiting to be picked up by the look of it. The banner on the building says La Tropical

And this one I have round the wrong way.  Wonder if you can still get that close to it any more to have a photo taken.

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6 Responses to “papas slidebox”

  1. I Love the lady in red! The first one too, looks like a place I would investigate.

  2. Candy Sparks Says:

    lovely lovely lovely lovely…


  3. cat Says:

    It must be in london – or england. I love the big light.

  4. Paxton Says:

    Your father really had an eye for composition.

  5. cat Says:

    It was my grandfather Paxton. He's whole life seemed to revolve around taking photos. Never saw him without a camera.

  6. Paxton Says:

    Grandfather (yes, I knew that, but forgot, sorry). But now you have so much to remember him by.

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