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feminist April 11, 2008

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Just an idea that popped into my head.


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10 Responses to “feminist”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    look at the expression on the girl in the stroller. dig the flags; where can I get me some of them hairnets?

  2. cat Says:

    didn't notice the patriotic hairnet before. Wonder if that little girl grew up to be a fighter for womens rights or if she was over it. She'd have heard some interesting and heated conversations I'd say.

  3. Waterbaby Says:

    Fer shure. She looks like Shiloh, Brad & Angie's daughter.

  4. Aubrey Says:

    From the look of the clothes, it looks like they have another 20 years before they get the vote. Plenty of time for the little one to become a fighter.

  5. cat Says:

    lol – does a bit – the pouty lips.

  6. cat Says:

    New York – 1912. The woman at the front looking back looks as if she's been fighting for a while.

  7. Emjay Says:

    Women in America finally got the vote August 1920! So she was probably still a bit young. Women in Australia got the vote in 1901 (excluding Aboriginal women). I always find it interesting that New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women full equal voting rights – in 1893.

  8. cat Says:

    And they didn't rush off and get involved in this current war either. You need this one to make a set.

  9. Emjay Says:

    Is it a set of two? I have 3 hooks…….

  10. cat Says:

    well you'd have to wait until I had another idea. I was thinking of doing some 4 x 4 tiles and selling them as a set of 2 – 2 for $10 maybe.

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