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Sweet sixteen …. part 2 March 11, 2008

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Lizzie has been to another 16th birthday party. This one was dressup. The theme was Pimps and Ho's. That surprised me a bit. Mind you it didn't surprise me as much as the nurses outfit Lizzie showed me and told me she was going to wear. So I ummed and ahhed and had my usual rant and then let her go beause as the song says, the times they are a changing.

We had a brief conversation.

Is his mother going to be there?


Is his father going to be there?


Well what is he some kind of pervert or something?

Because thats what I'd be thinking. Say Lizzie went up to her father and said – hey dad, how about I have a party and all my 15 year old friends come around and we dress up in nurses uniforms and french maid outfits and as school girls and pitt crew girls and we all dance and have a good time. And say he said – wow, that'd be a great idea Lizzie, I'd be saying to him that he was a bloody old pervert.

At least there was no alcohol allowed. No drink at all actually. Not a can of coke or a glass of water to be found. Nor a party pie or a bowl of corn chips on offer. Lizzie said it was like a 40 hour famine party. Except it didn't go for 40 hours of course, because the police came around and shut it down.

This was because the usual older gatecrashers turned up, sat out the front drinking for a while before they started sneaking into the backyard and giving the younger kids alcohol. Then, as Lizzie puts it, the mother freaked out and told everyone they'd have to leave and called the cops. So she goes up to lizzie and says 'If I were you sweetheart I'd get out of here now because the police will be here in 15 minutes". Well thanks all the same lady, but get out where to? She didn't say "would you like to ring your mother to come and pick you up?'. So now she's freaked all the young kids out and they all leave to roam around the streets and walk home. (Lizzie didn't, a friends mother bought her home.) I'm dumbfounded by people sometimes.

Whatever happened to a movie night and a sleepover? 

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19 Responses to “Sweet sixteen …. part 2”

  1. SweetMisery Says:

    Hm. Very strange idea indeed. What were they thinking. lol Glad she got home safe and sound. Grateful no teenagers around me. ugh

  2. cat Says:

    as they say – there's never a dull moment!

  3. Waterbaby Says:

    Granted, that mom didn't deal with the party participants in the best, i.e., smartest, manner, she was probably freaking out at the notion of minors, alcohol and cops, BUT at least she wasn't *supplying* it and she DID break up the party. I reckon slumber parties went the way of the cornfields in Iowa.

  4. Fiona Says:

    That would piss me off SERIOUSLY piss me off. As it goes, I have my 15 year old's friends here quite often as the 'cool mother' — which cracks me up – as I am something of a control freak. I want to know where my kid is, who she is with, I want to be able to pop in and check on her (not that I would, but I want to know I could do – and I want her to know I could do). I'm totally up with fashion, BUT I tell you, the 'ho/slutty nurse' look would not fly with me, not even for a costume party. I am with you too about the adults in the host's house thinking this was a 'good theme'. I'd love to have had a chat with his mother. Course, she'd hate me when we were done. I sound like a cranky bitch here — but hey, if its about my kid. omg Cat, 'you better get out of here cuz the police are coming' – to a 15 year old girl dressed up like 'slutty nurse'!? *SLAP* for that mother.

  5. cat Says:

    I'm thinking about bringing them back

  6. cat Says:

    It's such a bloody worry when they get old enough to be out and about and out of your control! The woman must have had a brain snap to send them out onto the streets dressed like that – especially with all the 20 year old gate crashers hanging around with cars. There's another 16th on this weekend. The mother said the girl could invite 30 but she's given out 100 invitations so far. That one is right across the street though so I'll be spying.
    The nurse outfit was kinda cute but that was another thing. She bought it from a lingerie shop and I'm thinking if I was the woman working there I would've said – you're a bit young to be wearing that don't you think – I'll just ring your mum and see if it's ok.(Child dies of ambarrassment at this point).

  7. Fiona Says:

    Things are a changin' is right. Ceilidh went to a sleep over at her friends house a couple weekends ago … it was her, her girl-friend and their guy (platonic) friend. Now I was weirded out a little — but I've met Jack and he hangs out here sometimes with Ceilidh and I ok'd it. But I still think its weird.Ceilidh has sleep overs regularly, here and at her friends – gaggles of girls – who are good kids and silly, and a little loud, but they are here and I can keep an eye on em. That works for me.We had an interesting conversation yesterday tho … seems all her friends are talking with their parents about wanting to be acknowledged as 'adults'. Heh so Ceilidh said, do you see me as an adult? I said it doesn't really matter how I see you sweets – the law says you aren't.

  8. Candy Sparks Says:

    why would they let the girls roam around in those outfits… seriously this was not thought through at all… and wow… i've never had a dress sexy party… my last party for my 18th birthday was a sixties party… and super fun!!


  9. Emjay Says:

    Wait until you get to the 21st's!!! It seems that you still have some control over 16 year olds……

  10. cat Says:

    you don't seem to have control over all the older kids that come and hang around though. The last one she went to the mother was outside with a lump of wood breaking up a fight between two of the crashers!

  11. cat Says:

    the world candy, is full of strange people and ideas. A recent party she went to had the theme – They Tried to Make me go to Rehab. You went as a celebrity in rehab. Actually I wish I'd thought of that idea for christmas day.

  12. Emjay Says:

    Yeah that is true – it was a gatecrasher who stabbed the locksmith at an 18th birthday party! I think if you are not going to have a little sleepover then a party should be booked into a venue where they are "guarded" from the rougher elements.

  13. NOOS Says:

    The nurse outfit!??! wow… just wow.

  14. SweetMisery Says:

    Yeah. Not sure how my poor Mother made it through my teenage years. I was such a rebel. Still am. lol

  15. cat Says:

    lol – 16 isn't what it used to be noos

  16. Indiana Says:

    It still happens even with small slumber parties. The only difference is they line up at your door asking if the girls can come out and talk or you catch them hanging out at the bedroom window talking to the girls and anything else they can get away with. How much trouble the gatecrashers or hang arounds cause is usually based on their perception of the parent. If they fear the parent they are less likely to cause trouble or pull any stunts like giving the teens alcohol and usually a certain look and a few words will send them scampering if they do try. Even gatecrashers know which parents they can mess with and which ones they cant.

  17. cat Says:

    well thats exactly what I said to Lizzie. – Why the hell didn't the parents just go and tell them to piss off. But these days I guess you can't be sure how safe you'll be. Teenagers are a lot more violent than they used to be. My nephew was stabbed at a party when he confronted a gatecrasher.

  18. Indiana Says:

    True, but a gatecrasher could just as easily turn their anger toward the teens. If they are willing to resort to violence over being told to leave, they are willing to resort to it over anything. Id rather take a chance with my life then take a chance with my girls lives or the other teens in my care.

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