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Working March 3, 2008

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Well here it is, 6.06am and I'm in my office. Working, doing my job. It's dark outside actually. Thats one of the good things about having an office at home. If I start at 6am I can be finished by 10am and have the whole day to spend as I like. Well besides the washing, cleaning, cooking, shopping, driving kids around part of it.

I've been lucky I've been able to work from home. I have never had family around to help raise my kids and my husband works long hours so if I worked a 9 to 5 job, they would have spent a fair bit of time in daycare. But people don't consider it a "real" job. Because I haven't had to get up and race about in the morning to go and sit in an office somewhere for 8 hours every day, it's not real. Friends, family, acquaintances throw out these comments that made me start thinking I was spending my time on frivolous frippery. Things like:

I don't have the time to commit to maintaining a blog

You must have so much spare time

Oh yes but you have time to do that

Photoshop is such a time waster

So I began to think, wow, maybe I am wasting my time. Maybe I should get a second job. So then I could have my not real job and a real job as well. I could get paid a lot of money to sit in an office and do someones accounts and tax and workers comp and superannuation and other thrilling things like that. But then I thought – you know what, I don't think I can commit eight hours a day/5 days a week to a job I don't even really like. That would be a waste of my time.

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15 Responses to “Working”

  1. Raymond Says:

    You know, that's a unique way of putting it! I like it…! 🙂

  2. cat Says:

    well it works for me

  3. ekennedy Says:

    funny how people don't have time for that yet they have plenty of time to form opinions on how you should be or how you are spending your time….

  4. Sour grapes. I know this because as I was reading this I choked on some, wishing I could work at home too. 😉

  5. cat Says:

    it is good but does have drawbacks as well. You don't get any holidays and can get caught in here on weekends.

  6. cat Says:

    lol – exactly

  7. Paxton Says:

    As long as you can afford to do what you like, that's always the way to go.

  8. cat Says:

    totally correct

  9. stevie Says:

    So do you have another blog that runs ads and you make money off it? If so, send the link, I'll go click on it every day and contribute to your income.

  10. cat Says:

    no – do people make much money from them?

  11. Waterbaby Says:

    By that measure, I've wasted approximately 2/3 of the whole of my time for all the jobs I've hated. Such the loser {holds fingers in L-shape on forehead}. Sounds like you have a good thing goin'!

  12. cat Says:

    Maybe I'll do something like deliver meals on wheels

  13. Hey, I work from home too! But I have to be at my desk from 8-3 (sort of) in case people need to reach me. Of course, they all know how to reach me regardless. And I get the same thing… 'you work at home – you can come in and help, can't you???' when someone needs a volunteer at school. And I don't get snow days and never really get away from work unless I leave my place. And my phone. And my fax. 🙂

  14. cat Says:

    exactly. I sort of have to be around as well in case people drop by to pay bills or deliver parts but I get all the office stuff out of the way quickly as possible. And yeah, forget about holidays!!

  15. jealousy. We would all do it if we could!

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