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birthday girl February 20, 2008

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happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me-he, happy birthday to me.

Guess what? It's my birthday. I can hardly believe it was this day, one year ago, that the hairdresser set to my hair with the thinning scissors with great gusto and wrecked it.

That this day, 44 years ago, my mother set off to hospital only to be told it was a false alarm. So she decided the best thing to do on the way home would be to eat a meat pie or two. Only to arrive home and discover that no, it wasn't a false alarm. So back to hospital where she tells me she spent a night regretting the pie eating decision.

I've been out to breakfast with my girls, Kimba and Lizzie. This meant Lizzie missing school, but as it was only sport and extreme frisbie at that, I thought it wouldn't matter much. I mean they don't even have dogs. In the movies no one ever plays frisbie without a dog.

Anyway in honour of me I shall share a trip down memory lane. So here is me looking gorgeous.

And here is me going to the beach. Get outta my way. I wonder if I ever had a new pair of swimmers or always hand me downs.

 Here is me with my one true love, Pink Teddy. You can just see him in the botton right corner.

Here is me with Pink Teddy last year. Not so pink anymore

Here is me with my eldest sister. My mother was going through a scottish phase I presume. I don't know why I had that awful haircut.

And here is me during my athletics phase. I used to be a runner. Fast. This is me with my sisters. This one always gives me a laugh. You have to wonder why our mother didn't say 'please girls, what is up with those outfits?'

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39 Responses to “birthday girl”

  1. chris Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Many returns of the day.

  2. cat Says:

    thank you very much

  3. Emjay Says:

    Geez!! Happy Birthday. I haven't forgotten until tomorrow – when it really is the 20th!!

  4. M-----l Says:

    Happy birthday. I hope I don't offend when I say that you are and always have been a cutie…except maybe during that running phase. It's probably just the shorts, though.

  5. cat Says:

    thanks – I hope I never get tired of enjoying them

  6. cat Says:

    thought you were being slack – can't use that old living in the past excuse

  7. cat Says:

    lol – do people get offended when called cute. I think those shorts were velour you know – very stylish in the 70's

  8. Raymond Says:

    Happy Birthday ! I hope the trip down memory lane doesn't make you feel older than you're not. Always enjoy pictures of days gone by. You look fast and I mean this in a good way. But I'm not forgetting that you make love better than you cook!

  9. cat Says:

    lol, fast. I'm the youngest of four kids so I never feel old. Every time I have a birthday it makes the rest of the family feel old because if the Baby is getting older, then they must be ancient.

  10. Worker Says:

    Happy Birthday Cat !!!May you have a wonderful day !!

  11. Happy birthday!! Wonderful pics – thanks for the memories. 😉

  12. cat Says:

    Thanks worker. I have a week. I like to have a birthday festival not just a day. Thats because daz has his birthday on sunday so we have the days in between up until his to celebrate. And including his of course.

  13. cat Says:

    thanks – yeah the photos are a laugh. In fact I might make the family sit through a slide night.

  14. Waterbaby Says:

    happy birthday! and a bear hug to beloved aging teddy.

  15. cat Says:

    thanks baby – and long may teddy live

  16. Candy Sparks Says:

    i used to wear the neon colors like neon green shorts with an neon black striped orange shirt… my bangs where hairsprayed to the side on an angle to the point to breakage if the bangs where moved… thats the time i touched an open pepper and rubbed my fingers in my eyes… bad choice worse than the clothes… my eyes burned forever… oh and once i had a perm… and i made them perm my bangs… oh god forgive my bad style days…


    oh my HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO!!!! mine will be in august…

  17. NOOS Says:

    Happy Birthday Cat! Your pics are wonderful! ^^

  18. Ninja Says:

    Man, after wearing those outfits in your childhood, you deserve to celebrate! Many happy returns Cat!

  19. cat Says:

    thanks – yes it's a wonder I'm not in therapy.

  20. bonnie Says:

    Happy Birthday from a Qurik friend!

  21. Miss Joy Says:

    Happy Birthday. Those pics of you are so adorable!

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day late! sorry. You were a Gorgeous child! So Adorable!!!! Well, your not so bad now either, haha. And those running shorts, wow, you could not possibly pull those up any higher could you? Haha!

  23. cat Says:

    thanks lavender. And I like how I tucked my shirt in the shorts as well.

  24. cat Says:

    thanks very much

  25. cat Says:

    hey there, thanks very much bonnie

  26. it was sloppy if you did not! I remember tucking my t-shirt into my shorts and having the tshirt stick out the legs. Haha!

  27. cat Says:

    lol – I remember my mother tucking my singlet into my undies!

  28. cat Says:

    lol – well technically you are a day late but I guess it's only the 20th there today so it's still my birthday.

  29. HAHAHAHAHA!!! No she did not! Haha!

  30. cat Says:

    she used to tuck it in so tight I could hardly raise my arms above my head. And they were those big undies – big navy school ones!

  31. HAHAHAHAH!!! No, Hahahaha! Stop! You are Killing me! hahahahaha!

  32. stevie Says:

    Happy birthday, one day late! Just extending the celebration.;)

  33. cat Says:

    thanks stevie – it's probably still the 20th there anyway!

  34. Patricia Says:

    Oh dear….I just read this post. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!! You look ADORABLE in the pix, btw. 🙂

  35. cat Says:

    ah thanks – I'm sure I was adorable.

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