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you can all get stuffed February 15, 2008

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Every Tuesday night I sit at the kitchen table with a pen, some paper and a few cooking magazines. I waste about an hour of my time flicking through said magazines looking for meal ideas for the coming week, that will keep the five people living in the house that I feed, reasonably happy.

I get up on Wednesday morning. I get dressed, slap some makeup on and assort my masses of hair strands into some kind of order.

I head to the supermarket where I smile and make aimless conversation with various people.

I read my list and search for the items on the list. I take them off the shelf and put them in my bastard wheeled trolley. I take them to the checkout where I take them out of the trolley and put them on the belt. I pay a small fortune for the items then put them back in the trolley. I wheel the trolley to the car and once again take the items out of the trolley and put them in the boot of the car. I drive home and take the bags from the boot to the kitchen, where I unpack them and put them back on shelves, this time in my kitchen. I hope they feel secure now they're back on familiar territory.

Then each night of the week I take various items from the shelves and spend an hour or two preparing them into a meal.

I then serve this meal to four ungrateful bastards who come up with various excuses as to why they can't or won't eat it.

I have (hang on, counting here…..) ten words to say:-


I'm the fool of course – It's taken me 20 years to come to this conclusion.


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23 Responses to “you can all get stuffed”

  1. Snowy Says:

    I'd eat it, Cat. Even a sandwich sounds good to me after three weeks of shakes. You can post the scraps to me if you like. You think I'm joking, don't you…

  2. Ninja Says:

    I've learned to eat whatever's dished out… good, bad or indifferent. The other night, I wolfed down a bowl of half-cooked pasta with some mince. A bit crunchy but it filled a spot. Every day's a culinary surprise in the Ninja den.

  3. snoringKatZ Says:

    Cat, I understand – so painfully deeply. I can't even find words to offer any salve for that wound other than I know what this is like.Let 'em hang.

  4. Again, you crack me up. Let them eat salad!! 😉

  5. WHAT!!!!! How Ungrateful!

  6. Emjay Says:

    And I thought you were going to write that: then you never cook those dishes!!
    I find fabulous looking recipes and get the ingredients and pack them in my cupboard where they become so old that I can't remember what I specifically bought them for!
    (and don't you only have 4 in your house now? or did Kimba move back in?)

  7. wyldreams Says:

    HERE HERE! Thats the attitude! I discovered this way of thinking when my kids were younger and ingrates…they are now older (Read:adults) and still ingrates, so it still works for me

  8. cat Says:

    sigh – yes I've wasted so many years

  9. cat Says:

    she is back at the moment – waiting to move into the new place – my new place. I always seem to have a leek in the fridge I never use. Then I throw it away and replace it with another one.

  10. cat Says:

    exactly lavender, exactly.

  11. cat Says:

    can I behead them then as well??

  12. cat Says:

    I'm looking forward to seeing the before and after photos.

  13. cat Says:

    I guess at least my dog – like yours – is well fed and has experienced a wide range of foods.

  14. Snowy Says:

    No difference really, a wrinkly old man before, and a wrinkly old man after. Have you tried Mrs Nesbitt's meatloaf yet? Guaranteed to have them begging for more.

  15. cat Says:

    Do you actually get to eat that then? I shall try it as they seem to like things that have a BBQ sauce taste to them. Or something they can smother in sauce. And you could put it in a bread roll – then cover it with sauce.

  16. Raymond Says:

    Try to reverse the process. On Tuesday night put a pad of paper on a dish, one for each place setting with a stack of magazines in the center. Explain how its to be done. Put on your coat and go to the movies. You'll enjoy hearing them say "wait, what do you mean…?" "…is she serious?…" Appreciation is an art form often overlooked by the artist. 🙂

  17. Snowy Says:

    Then they should like it, as the sauce is the killer punch. Mrs Snowy serves it with vegies. As a confirmed "Holbrooks sauce on everything" man myself, I even forgo it on Mrs N's meatloaf. Her sauce is delicious!I'll be interested to hear the result. If they don't like it, move out and come and live with us, Cat. Mind you, you'll have to live on shakes for a while…

  18. cat Says:

    lol – they'd just head for McDonalds

  19. snoringKatZ Says:

    I still love the idea :)(PS: Tonight's failure was blueberry pie but the dog is NOT getting it…)

  20. cat Says:

    bloody hell, thats grim! – now a blueberry pie is one thing I know for sure would never be a failure around here.

  21. Waterbaby Says:

    Better than your 10 words are three, even simpler and easier to remember: Make your own.

  22. cat Says:

    sigh – as much as I'd like to make them make their own, I know they would live on toast and great slabs of peanut butter. And even though they'd no doubt thrive on it, I have this terrible feeling that I must make them eat their 5 serves of veg and 3 serves of fruit each day. It's one of those awful mother guilt issues. I feel it's my duty to make sure they receive all their vitamins until at least until age 18.

  23. Waterbaby Says:

    Then let them eat toast. Stop being mom the forever caretaker. Unless your kids are too young to reach the stove or understand the components of a nutritional meal, you're doing them no favors. Really. Further, guess what happens when one's given license to eat whatever s/he wants, even if it's PB on toast for a month? The body's intelligence kicks in and begins screaming for nutritional eats. Let it happen.

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