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phone home January 26, 2008

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saw this little guy strolling round the cement out the back. What an interesting little dude. Alien head.

He was definitely keeping an eye on me. Got up on his back legs, ready to attack (or defend). I put him in the garden after he'd finished the photo shoot – otherwise the dog would've eaten him, or trampled him.

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5 Responses to “phone home”

  1. Worker Says:

    There great shots Cat…

  2. cat Says:

    he was a very co operative little model

  3. AW! He is neat! Very nice!

  4. These are great, thanks for sharing. Nice to know that you helped him avoid being eaten or trampled.

  5. cat Says:

    he was such a funny little guy and my dog would have trampled him for sure – or eaten him.

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