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Well the teeth are extracted… January 24, 2008

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Well the teeth are extracted, we're back home and Lizzie looks as if someone's taken to her head with a baseball bat.

As told to, we arrived at the hospital at 6am. The we sat in the waiting room until 8am. She went in and they told us it'd be two hours so we went to the shops. I was meant to be looking for a black cardigan/wrap to wear to a wedding but got caught up in the art and craft shop so didn't get anything. I had ten minutes left so had to decide between a trip to David Jones or a trip to the chemist for eyedrops. Since I was wearing sunglasses inside the shopping centre to cut the glare on my eyes, I chose the chemist.

Then back to see Lizzie. When we walked in the room it didn't even look like her. Her head was a different shape. She has this attractive ice pack to wear that wraps under her jaw and up the sides of her head then ties on top of her head. I've advised her to wear it as much as possible. The swelling will peak in three days.

She even has steroid cream to put on her lips because they force the mouth open so wide it splits.

Off to deliver a bowl of ice cream. Cold mush only for 2 or 3 days.

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8 Responses to “Well the teeth are extracted…”

  1. Emjay Says:

    God, that all sounds horrible! Love & hugs from Princess SJ and I

  2. cat Says:

    well she won't let a photo be taken (even though daz tried to when she came out of recovery) – but her head is all square – oblong, wierd

  3. Snowy Says:

    After the 4am rising, the two hours in the waiting room would have impressed you, I imagine.

  4. Patricia Says:

    Oh no….hope she feels better soon!!

  5. suemack Says:

    Ouch!!! Poor baby …… hope she's feeling better in the morning.

  6. cat Says:

    to Sweet Misery, Tamzen, Snowy, Patricia and sue – thanks for your thoughts. She has gone from beauty queen to elephant man in one morning.
    Oh and snowy you see the anaesthetist was running late. They told me that he thought they started at 8.30am not 8am. Which still didn't really explain why I had to sit there from 6am.

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