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eating out and U..TIS January 20, 2008

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Do you know it's possible to get a urinary tract infection from eating at a salad bar? I'm not a fan of the salad bar. Or the all you can eat. Too many potential food contamination risks for me. All that food sitting around in the "danger zone" temperature.  And it bothers me how people pile up their plates with mixed meals. Some baked dinner with a bit of chinese, throw on some lasagne. Whats that all about anyway. Not like you can't go back. I'm not keen on dining in restaurants either. Why pay a fortune to have someone whose hygiene habits I don't know, cook my meal. Do you know I read that a man complained about his steak and sent it back and the chef (true story) wiped his arse with it and sent it back out. Yum.

The final deciding factor for me with the salad bar was when a friend of ours ate at one. He was standing there watching the chef refill one of the trays. And chef was all sweaty and hot. Steamy. And as our friend was watching, he saw a scab on chefs face, made moist from the heat, drop into the tray of food. Delicious. Anyway do the last couple of spoonfuls of spaghetti bolognaise sauce ever get eaten. Or do they just keep topping it up and those last dregs just mix in with the new. Hmm, food for thought.

But now I read in Womens Health & Fitness that you can catch a UTI from the salad bar. If a woman suffering from one doesn't wash her hands after a toilet stop, then touches the serving implements, that you then touch, then touch your mouth, the bacteria creep in, they survive the digestion process and voila you've got her UTI. Almost makes it like an STI.



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17 Responses to “eating out and U..TIS”

  1. Ninja Says:

    Yes, the wonders of eating at smorgasboards.

  2. Waterbaby Says:

    yuuuuuck. i so wish i hadn't read this after just eating. seriously.

  3. cat Says:

    all sorts of mysteries hiding there

  4. cat Says:

    lol – sorry, should've put a warning ahead. Hopefully you prepared your own food then with lovely clean hands

  5. OHHHH!!!! So Nasty! I hat buffet style eateries anyway. YUCK!!!!!

  6. suemack Says:

    Oh Yuck! I'm going to remember this whenever I eat out now …….

  7. suemack Says:

    On reflection, if I can survive MY cooking, I'll be fine LOL

  8. Snowy Says:

    Thanks Cat. I just had steak at the local pub. I don't think I'll order it for a while.I suppose you saw the Current Affair program where they had a hidden camera in hotel rooms. I don't think I'll be using hotel glasses for a while either. Seems that some cleaners "wash" them with the cleaning rag. Just as well I'm planning to go on a diet, starting tomorrow.

  9. cat Says:

    That story on the motel cleaners was an eye opener. One rag in a bucket for the toilet and the glasses. My husband said – well no one uses those glasses. Umm, I said 'I use those glasses!' – not any more. Are you really going on the shakes or are you pulling my leg. I thought you were on CSIRO?

  10. cat Says:

    but at least you know it's only you coughing and sneezing over your food. And I'm guesing you wash your hands after a toilet stop and lol – I'm definitely presuming you don't give the family steaks a rub around the privates before you serve it up. (laughing here at that image)

  11. Snowy Says:

    I'm going on the shakes. The CSIRO one worked well while we were on it, but I've put it all back on again. My health fund offered a free 18 week shakes one for diabetics, so I thought I'd give it a try, particularly at the price…

  12. oh, I agree. People watching at a buffet is Awesome! Except if you are watching my step-,other, then Look Away! Not an image you want in your head forever.

  13. Red Pen Says:

    Truly disgusting. I may never eat out again.

  14. cat Says:

    I only like to eat at the places that have open kitchens where you can see what goes on in there and can see how clean it is.

  15. cat Says:

    I use a shake for one meal a day usually breakfast. I use water as I find milk makes them too thick. I add a handful of frozen bluberries to mine as well. They do keep you full for a long time. I'm thinking of replacing lunch with one as well to drop my last 4 kilos. It's just getting used to not chewing something.

  16. Snowy Says:

    I'll keep the frozen blueberries in mind. So far I don't feel hungry, but then it's only been a quarter of an hour since I had my first shake. ;o) Tasted OK, I guess.

  17. Waterbaby Says:

    um, if there's concern about hands twisting a can opener for spaghetti, yes, we're good to go.

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