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a walk round my yard January 18, 2008

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It didn't take long as it's small and wet. But I went outside and saw a spider dangling in a web and thought I'll take a photo of that. Then on my way back inside I forgot all about him and walked straight through the web destroying it.  I saved the spider though and put him in a tree. So I went out the front and saw Vinnie. He's the next door neighbours cat but our yard is the place for all the cool cats to hang. People come to visit and say 'oh you have three cats' and I say 'no, I don't have any cats'. Yet there they all are, lounging on the verandah like I'm the crazy cat lady from the simpsons.

The there was a "insert collective noun here" of butterflies. There was this one

And there was that one

Who just after I took this received a good smacking from Vinnie. So in my quest to take photos of insect life I actually destroyed two lives. Then I saw this one, who sat still for so long I did circles around him with my hand to make sure he wasn't caught in a web. Which I was willing to destroy if I had to. But it was just sitting.

Which is when I then saw the stupid birds. They used to nest in vines on the garage but Vinnie discovered them and risked life and limb to get to them. So they moved to this tree right outside the window. The first storm we have there will no doubt be fights over whose stupid idea it was to move here.

They don't even build a rounded nest – it's just a platform or twigs that somehow supports two babies. And a bird.


And then there was Betty. A face only a mother could love. Man, thats ugly.

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14 Responses to “a walk round my yard”

  1. Emjay Says:

    Those are fabulous!! Love the butterflies – did you use macro for them?

  2. cat Says:

    Yes I used macro but on auto. Not macro on macro. I don't know what the difference is!

  3. Waterbaby Says:

    Rabble or swarm of butterflies. They are so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  4. stephanie Says:

    you live in paradise. the pictures are beautiful. i see you used macro. what kind of camera are you using?
    my niece always asks if we have a cat and i say "no, that calico thinks it lives here, or just likes my yard best".

  5. cat Says:

    rabble – that sounds nice – swarm sounds a bit deadly, like bees.

  6. cat Says:

    Thanks – It looks nice and green like that because it's ben raining non stop for a week. Before that we were in the middle of a drought so looked different then.
    I use a Canon powershot S3. It does all the work – the first two butterflies were pure luck as they move so damn fast it's hard to snap them and the last one wouldn't move so he made it easy. And I must admit I've perked up the levels a bit. What did we do before digital cameras and photoshop.

  7. NOOS Says:

    Wow… You are very close to nature! How lucky! The pictures are beautiful too!

  8. cat Says:

    thanks – it's really only a small suburban yard – there was just a lot happening in it that day.

  9. Such a lovely backyard!!!!!

  10. Red Pen Says:

    The butterflies are so lovely!

  11. cat Says:

    lol – I feel I've given everyone the wrong impression. It's really very ordianary – just looks good in macro

  12. nope, it looks first impressions ordinary, but if one looks closely at ordinary we can find magic.

  13. Patricia Says:

    These are awesome pictures!!!!

  14. cat Says:

    thanks – I'd just like to say that I live no where near a rainforest – just looked like it that day. We're actually in a drought.

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