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so many questions January 15, 2008

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I went and saw I Am Legend yesterday and I didn't think it was that great. It was an easy way to spend a couple of hours but I have questions. So don't read on if you're planning on seeing it.

How did the woman at the end just drive out of new york to the safe haven. All the exits were jammed full of the cars of people trying to escape at the start. And shouldn't she be a bit more careful with the vial of blood. Just carrying it around in her hand and then giving it to the first person she meets. He could've been the gardener.

And what were they doing with the vial of blood – the cure. Were they hoping to inject it into the dark secret people to cure them? Because they didn't appear to be open to a rational discussion about it. Can't see them lining up in an orderly fashion to get their shot.

That wall around the safe haven – it wouldn't keep the dark secrets out. See how they scaled his house walls – they'd be over that in a flash.

Did we really have to see Will doing chin ups – we all know he looks fine. And did the dark secret he caught really have to have breast implants.

And if he hadn't of been stuffing around with Fred – well samantha would still be here.

But it was ok.

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11 Responses to “so many questions”

  1. Emjay Says:

    Haven't seen it but this hardly seems like a ringing endorsement. We are going to see Juno this w/end.

  2. Worker Says:

    I saw this as well Cat, and I agree on all your comments..but I did cry like a baby when Samantha Died..:)

  3. cat Says:

    lizze wants me to go see that with her – not here yet

  4. cat Says:

    well when that was happening I just looked all around – anywhere but the screen and thought about what I'd have for dinner.

  5. Worker Says:

    I tried to do the same but I was drawn to the screen..damn it !!

  6. Candy Sparks Says:

    i haven't seen it but i was told the whole movie by this guy that i told constantly to stop talking about the movie… blah… people… but i love your questions thats like when i watched resident evil II i didn't understand how the zombies didn't push down the fence to get the blood and dead cloned bodies of the main female.. yeah didn't understand that one…


  7. Waterbaby Says:

    Had I been planning to see it, I wouldn't be now. 😀

  8. cat Says:

    I can't just watch a movie without picking it apart – comes with being an insomniac – have to think about something through the night.

  9. cat Says:

    see it – it's still good. I think there's a book – if so I'd like to read it.

  10. Red Pen Says:

    My son recently started reading the book and tells me that the film is different in very significant ways. Based on what he has said, it sounds as if Omega Man was much closer to the story. I had a lot of unanswered questions after seeing the film as well. In particular, I wondered how that tiny woman saved him from the dark seekers and got him into her vehicle.

  11. cat Says:

    lol – when he was waiting on the pier that night and they rolled his car?? Yes I was wondering why they hadn't attacked her and the boy as well. And then how she pulled him out. I'll look for the book as I can see the story had potential.

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