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Ethical living January 9, 2008

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As you sit and drink your coffee each day, do you ever wonder what has happened for it to get to your cup? Has child labour been used to make it. Have rainforests been cleared to grow the beans maybe? Has it contributed to the decline in numbers of any species? Because I wondered that and well, yes it had. My little cup of Nescafe each day is leading to the loss of habitat for asian elephants. Their home is being cleared away to grow coffee. Not picking on nescafe here – I think if you research any of the large manufacturers you may find some murky deals. So I did a bit of research at oxfam and have found a brand of coffee at woolworths that is called fairtrade coffee. Just look for this little symbol.

Buy your coffee, tea and cocoa with this on it and you're buying a product from a small producer in a developing country and they'll get a fair price for it. There will be no child labour involved and positive environmental practices are encouraged.

So keep an eye out for it. And check out oxfam they have some good progammes going on worth getting behind and a very nice bag in the shop. Which I actually had in my cart before I said – no, that is a want, not a need. Even if it is helping someone out. 

The next thing I thought about was our superannuation. I have no idea where my super goes. Do you know where your superannuation, or any investment funds you have are actually invested. Is your money invested in companies that manufacture weapons? Companies that use child labour? Are you happy for your money to be invested in uranium mining or old growth forest logging? Did you know that state government super funds invest your money into gambling, cigarette and oil companies. Sure you want to make some money but you also need to have a decent sort of world left to live in when you retire. There are a few ethical investment options out there now and I'm definitely going to look into it. They can invest your money in ways that will not harm people, animals or the environment. Think about it people. It's your money – find out what it's being used for. 

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6 Responses to “Ethical living”

  1. kris Says:

    Clothing is another one, shopping at thrift shops is recycling clothing…i'm all about it.

  2. cat Says:

    once you start thinking about it there are so many things you can do and although people may feel they are too small to make a difference – they're not.

  3. my coffee is fair trade and roasted somewhat close too. Dancing Goats Coffee is good too. : )

  4. Emjay Says:

    I can not believe you drink Nescafe!!!
    We buy fair trade coffee beans…. actually when the astro-dweeb goes to Hawaii he buys directly from the grower.
    My super is now in negative mode – the monthly accounting fees are starting to be higher than the interest earned. There are no more contributions while I am not working in Oz and they won't let me take my couple of thousand out. I do get a form each year though asking me where I would like to have it invested.

  5. cat Says:

    I like nescafe thank you

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