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Christmas Decorations January 6, 2008

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Ok. The theme for week one of the camera club was Christmas Decorations. Good work girls. Constructive criticism only please. (They are young girls don't forget). You can feel free to slag mine though. Ok. first up we have submissions from Uptown G, who is 10. (They were supposed to send me their favourite two and I was to pick one of them but I couldn't pick. Although I am quite partial to santa and the angel.)

Next we have DJ Rox who is 11

And we have mine. I'm full of excuses with mine. I know you may have already seen the christmas baubles but thats the only one I had and the others are not technically christmas decorations but it was the christmas season.

oh, almost forgot – we are always open to ideas for themes so any ideas will be taken into consideration! Please.

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