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coming to a town near you January 5, 2008

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I've joined a club. It's called The Camera Club. We take photos (doh). There are three members in the club and here we are. There's Uptown G on the left, me in the middle and DJ Rox on the right. (I don't really look like that but it was about 10pm new years eve and my arms weren't long enough – or something).

We made a lot of plans on new years eve and if I remember correctly we are going on an excursion to France where I will home school the girls. So I'd better brush up on my maths. And my french. Which is non existent.

My husband also joined a club. His is called The Cookie Club. They bake cookies. There are also three member of that group and here they are. There's Pink – ee, Daz, and Jem. As you can see Daz is looking a little bit concerned about his fellow club members. Because they are freaky dudes.

I think they're going on an excursion to England. To visit the queen or something I guess. Although there was talk of Sweden as well. God help Pink – ee if those two are home schooling her.

And of course in all the wisdom you have at 11pm on new years eve, we decided our first club meetings should be the next day. Yay. So the camera club met at my place 11am new years day and the cookie club met at Jems place. Then they baked cookies that were transported to the camera club. Here are Pink-ee and Jem in action. Go girls.

So stay tuned for the many upcoming adventures of The Camera Club and The Cookie Club. We could show up anywhere.

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6 Responses to “coming to a town near you”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    are those choco-chips I see?

  2. I wanna be a member in either one of those clubs! They sound great!

  3. cat Says:

    yep – and m and m's

  4. cat Says:

    well you can only be in one – there's a bit of tension at the moment as Pink-ee wants to be in both but her sister Uptown G doesn't think thats right.

  5. Ninja Says:

    Between the Cookie Club and GinBaby's kitchen/garden concoctions, I'm set! Ladies, you can feed me anytime! I'm easily sated being the simple arsed hick that I am.

  6. cat Says:

    lol – you can be the tester

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