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safety first December 26, 2007

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Well thats another christmas over. I love christmas. I look forward to it. The more people here the better. And now the kids are teenagers it's a lot easier. I was lying on the lounge christmas eve and my son (he's 17) said to me "does Santa still come to me". And I go "shit, I forgot all about him". But thats ok. See if he was say, 7 and I'd forgotten, there'd be a mad dash to the shops. Because there is nothing quite like being sound asleep, then hearing a small voice whisper – "Mum, Santa didn't come" (Here you can replace santa with tooth fairy or easter bunny).

But it all went well here. Boxing day (night)  here of course. I've just had an invigorating game of totem tennis with Kimba then Lloyd. Kimba asked me "why do you grit your teeth when you play". Who me,  competitive??

A couple of photos – don't worry there's hundreds. I like this one. The lovely christmas baubles with the dart sticking out of the middle. Classy.

And this sort of thing is only ever going to lead to trouble.

Oh look – time for the pinata. My husband says "hmm, I said they shouldn't use the pool cue". I'm like "nahh, it'll be fine". Oops – wrong way buddy. I'd like to point out that I risked my life to grab him and point him in the right direction. He was heading for the crowd and they were kinda stepping back. 

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One Response to “safety first”

  1. Worker Says:

    They are wonderful photos Cat, I am glad your day was so good 🙂

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