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Cat’s hypotheses December 12, 2007

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lol – I couldn't think of a title so thats the one that vox picked for me. Maybe I'll do that all the time.

I took this photo of a bottlebrush in our yard. And it's nice enough.

But I thought, hmm spice it up a bit – thats better

And how about making paper out of it – you can probably tell I like the dirty grungy look. Things don't have to be so perfect that way.

Ok – so one more idea. I don't look like that anymore because my hair is dark now.

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14 Responses to “Cat’s hypotheses”

  1. SweetMisery Says:

    well done. Love it.

  2. Waterbaby Says:

    Bottlebrushes remind me of childhood. I guess that's why I don't have them in my yard now. lol. Vox chooses heds for you?!

  3. I like the title idea…why not, I say!
    The original photo is beautiful. And the last image is really cool & creative.Love it!

  4. suemack Says:

    Do like the paper ….. how did you? Must go have a play! Need caffeine, brain will think in full sentences then

  5. cat Says:

    why thank you

  6. cat Says:

    they attract a lot of bees though. A couple of times I've posted and forgotten to put a title and they give you a selection of 4 or 5

  7. cat Says:

    thanks – I was thrilled with the last one myself but now I look at it and see that I have a huge looking long nose! Oh well.

  8. cat Says:

    Well I'm terrible at writing down what I do but there was a plain pink layer on the bottom (I use PSE4) then I put a layer that was black paint brush splotches then the banksia flower on top. Then I clipped that to the paint splotch layer. I would have changed the blend modes (because I usually do that about 500 times).
    I used one of these.

  9. honest, your nose looks fine to me! 🙂

  10. suemack Says:

    thanks Cat! Cool textures!

  11. lezlee Says:

    love them. The first pic is amazing. The last is just awesome. 🙂 good job!

  12. Waterbaby Says:

    They do? The few times I've overlooked a hed, the Vox option is the first few words of the lead.

  13. cat Says:

    well maybe I'm special or something. There was a list – maybe half a dozen. I think more than 4. One was the first few words – the last was the one I used and middle I can't remember

  14. Waterbaby Says:

    oh yeah, i know what you're talkin' about now. i've gotten three options — a reminder i need to come up with a hed!

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