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show me the money December 6, 2007

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I always feel a little disappointed this time of year, when they anounce how much the new years eve fireworks are going to cost. This year the Sydney fireworks will cost 4 million dollars. Yay. Because I'm sure there is absolutely nothing more important to spend it on. I don't get fireworks. You ohh and ahh for about a minute then it's, ok, this is really boring now. How can it possibly be worth that much. Maybe they could throw some at our public school here. And there's always bitching about the  hospitals – give some to them. When  my son was  born he spent 9 days in a humidicrib. He had to share it with another baby because they only had one. And I'm guessing you could build a few half way houses for homeless people with that money. I hope all those homeless people really appreciate those fireworks.

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6 Responses to “show me the money”

  1. Waterbaby Says:

    you are not alone in those thoughts. however, you can imagine the uproar that would ensue if fireworks were removed from the celebrations and city budget. some things, senseless as they may seem, must stay and fireworks are on that list.

  2. cat Says:

    another thing that annoyed me was they decided to have two lots of fireworks. One at 9pm for all the little kids who shouldn't/couldn't be up at midnight. C'mon !

  3. i agree with you, it's very frustrating. they could keep their fireworks, but geez, do they really need to spend that much money on them? it's insane.

  4. cat Says:

    and thats only sydney – hate to think how much somewhere like New York or London would spend

  5. Paxton Says:

    The only thing that allows me to appreciate it is to think of the fireworks as art. Very temporary art, to say the least, but there is definitely artistry involved.

  6. cat Says:

    hmmm not sure

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