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QotD: My Alma Mater November 26, 2007

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What's your alma mater?
Submitted by Lies.

whats an alma mater

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3 Responses to “QotD: My Alma Mater”

  1. I saw that a few people asked this so I decided to help a few people out with the definition… I guess I feel obligated as the term is used in my school song? I don't know.Alma Mater = the college or university that a person attended. Some feel that high school fits this definition as well. A Google search will provide extra and more thorough definitions.

  2. Waterbaby Says:

    From the definitive dictionary in the U.S.:a school, college, or university which one has attended or from which one has graduated.

  3. cat Says:

    oohh – thanks – well why not just say that then.

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