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Machete Season November 23, 2007

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The killers in Rwanda Speak.

I hovered over this book at the library for a minute before I borrowed it as I knew it was going to be heavy going. But I'm not one to keep my head in the sand so I took it. Probably one of those books everyone should read.

So basically in 1994 in Rwanda , over a period of about 100 days, 800,000 people were slaughtered. By people they had lived along side for their whole lives. And they were hacked to death with machetes. Men, women, children. The aim of the Hutu's was to totally wipe out the Tutsis. Priests, teachers, educated men were all involved in the killing. The only white people in the country got out as soon as it started so there was no one there to witness it and the world as usual stood by and watched.

The author Jean Hatzfeld had already written a book called Into the Quick of Life: The Rwandan Genocide – The Survivors Speak. He then decided to write this book where he would interview the killers. It's shocking how matter of fact they were about it. Just get up in the morning, have breakfast, meet your friends at the soccer oval, spend the day killing as many people as you could, then go home for dinner after looting what you could from the bodies. As one of the men says " Killing was less wearisome than farming. The workday didn't last as long as in the fields. We returned at three o'clock to have time for pillaging. Some of us tasted pastries and sweets for the first time in our lives".

It is just a disgusting part of history and every one should know about it.

genocide in rwanda


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