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A Public Health Service November 14, 2007

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For all you sex mad, non condom wearing americans. I noticed over on katZ blog the article about how america is a world leader in the spreading of sexual disease – yay. So I think it's time to bring back these posters that were first around in 1942 as part of a public health service. Filthy filthy women you see, thats the problem.


















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13 Responses to “A Public Health Service”

  1. Paxton Says:

    Excellent! This is so good, I'll comment on each individually.
    You may be on to something, but in this modern age they need to make similar versions geared towards women. You know, something about, "You think he's got the right tool, but how many engines has he fixed?"
    I am not surprised by the finding that STDs are on the rise in the U.S., witnessing how people behave. Having contacts in public health, I also know that many of the diseases that used to respond to antibiotics are becoming resistant. It's a good reason to stay faithfully married.

  2. cat Says:

    I guess people aren't scared of HIV any more. Need the Grim Reaper ads back. I also like the booby trap and the bag lady is very sleazy. Guess they wanted to make her as unlike your sweet pure girlfriend waiting at home as they could.

  3. Paxton Says:

    They wanted to discourage the servicemen from sleeping around while overseas. I guess to that end they were more or less on target. Not so helpful when the servicemen get home and start sleeping around, though. It's as if STDs only are found in foreign countries.

  4. Indiana Says:

    It doesnt help that in many ways we have been desensitized over the issue. When you view STD drug commercials 3 or 4 times at least a night that make having a STD look like its nothing to worry about and television show after television show that makes sleeping around look glamorous and the thing to do with no consequences, its just asking for trouble, not to mention the way sex ed is being taught in some schools is leading kids to believe oral sex is safe sex which in some areas have caused nearly epidemics of orally transmitted STDs in teens. Its just a bad situation all the way around.

  5. CKesterson Says:

    I feel so…dirty. 🙂

  6. cat Says:

    Wow we never have ads for STD drugs here. Never seen one on tv and don't think I've seen on in a magazine either. There were a few safe sex ads when HIV first came on the scene. Teens are a worry now they have this whole "friends with benefits" thing going on.

  7. Waterbaby Says:

    where'd you find that old poster (#4) of me?!?! e-bay?

  8. cat Says:

    yep – your mothers selling them

  9. cat Says:

    lol – thats because you're a woman – and they can't be trusted.

  10. Emjay Says:

    This started in England where they passed the Contagious Diseases Act in 1864. This legislation allowed police to arrest prostitutes and take them for compulsory tests for venereal diseases. If the women were suffering any they were placed in a locked hospital until cured!!! It was claimed that this was the best way to protect men from infected women.
    There were no similar sanctions against men. Some women formed the Ladies' Association Against the Contagious Diseases Act and toured England making speeches and people were horrified by the idea of women talking about sex in public!!It is funny that I only just learned this from a feminist friend who is studying female characterisations in 1860's fiction.

  11. cat Says:

    lol – I was going to say – what did you go and research it!! There are probably 100 posters that I found and they were all aimed at men to stay away from festy women – none the other way round

  12. Emjay Says:

    No – your timing is funny. Ms Bee visited my new house on Saturday. She just finished her Masters on Women in Literature and is now doing her PhD in characterisations of the female characters and she was telling me what the characterisations were based on. Her thesis sounds really interesting – that's why I remembered so much.

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