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the scales never lie November 12, 2007

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Thats unfortunate then. That means the 5 kilos they say I've put on since the throat thing began are definitely not in my imagination. The trouble began in September,  when all I felt I could swallow were chocolate thickshakes. And who'd have thought they had so many kilojoules in them. Oops, not me. 1910 to be exact. And if you add the fries to that, well it's no wonder really. So I have to work on that now. But it's ok, I've been watching The Biggest Loser. And watching that always makes me more determined, because I don't like watching extra large people being able to run further than me. So I'm going to pretend I'm on Jillians team. And I'll imagine she's in my face, screaming abuse at me, telling me I'm a useless, no good lard arse and to MOVE IT, or she'll break my arm and make all my children do 100 push ups before I can finish.

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4 Responses to “the scales never lie”

  1. Worker Says:

    I want to be on Jillian's team as well :)Not because she screams :)Keep watching I say, if it motivates you to do more..good luck..

  2. Waterbaby Says:

    I don't know the show or Jillian but by the sounds of her, I'd run fast and far.

  3. cat Says:

    oh what planet do you live on.

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