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I am the serious adult November 8, 2007

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We went to the bank yesterday to see if we could get more money. We're thinking of buying another house to move the kids into. I figure thats the only way we'll get them to leave home. So you get to be in that situation where you sit in a small office and listen to some guy talking about large sums of money and long years into the future. And he draws boxes with arrows coming from them going to smaller boxes. And thats when you usually start thinking about something else, like whats on tv later. And I only almost started laughing once, when I thought to myself, wow I'm actually the responsible adult here. Then when we get outside, Daz and I look at each other and go – what the hell was he talking about!!  At the moment I'd rather buy a smaller car. A few years we had to buy an enormous car as our three kids were becoming huge. Thats what teenagers are like these days, they grow like some kind of mutant creatures. But now we rarely all travel together anywhere so I'd like a smaller car. Which reminded me of these cars I found in the slidebox. These are a couple of cars we had when we were kids. I don't remember the first two. Can't believe how thin the tyres are on this one.


But I sure remember this one. Can you imagine Mum and Dad and four kids off on holidays in it. By the time we put the boat on top and the luggage in the boot it must have just about been scraping on the ground.

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7 Responses to “I am the serious adult”

  1. Ninja Says:

    We got rid of the Commodore wagon 3 months ago for the exact same reason. Kicked down to a smaller car and love the fuel savings.
    Only thing that bugs me are the pricks on freeways who don't understand the concept of sharing and caring on the roads, when you drive a smaller vehicle.
    They should build small cars with hidden pellet guns to ping these arseholes who cut in front of you, or chutes at the rear which can release tiny star pickets to puncture the tyres of the mullets who tailgate you for no good reason.

  2. Great cars! haha! The heavy rooftop carrier, we had one of those too, for our camping trips.

  3. cat Says:

    Ok then. I'm sure there's a market for it.

  4. cat Says:

    and there was usually a dog in there as well – you know i was the youngest of 4 kids and I don't think I ever got to lean back on the seat for any of our holiday trips. I was always pushed forward so they could lean back. And I definitely never got to sit near a window.

  5. That stinks! It was just my sister, mother and I. No animals, unless you count my little sister. These trips were never fun for me, I was a pouty teenager who would not have admitted if I was having fun anyway. Hah.

  6. cat Says:

    lol – I have one of those pouty teenagers now!

  7. Haha! My niece is one too. I keep trying to tell her mother that even though she is doing something she loves and says she hates every moment of it, deep inside she loves it.

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