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tiny dancer November 6, 2007

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I found this bloody spinning dancer on another blog here (sorry, can't remember where) and I spent a day (on and off) trying to convert her to a counter clockwise spinner. It's one of those left brain/right brain tests. When I looked at her she was spinning clockwise and I tried to make her go counter clockwise. For a long time. By closing my eyes and saying – when I open my eyes she will be spinning counter. But she wasn't. So I left her spinning away clockwise and later that day I was walking past the office and glanced in and saw her  spinning counter clockwise!! But before I could say – holy crap – she was going clockwise again. Over the next couple of days – I know I know – she did became for me a counter clockwise spinner all the time. Today she is going clockwise again. I have no idea what this says about me. Except that I'm obsessive. And have too much spare time.

spinning dancer

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12 Responses to “tiny dancer”

  1. stevie Says:

    Ok, so what if as I watched it for no more than ONE MINUTE it spun first clockwise, then counter clockwise, the clockwise, then counter again. No lie. Am I crazy? I choose to believe that instead of my brain being broken, perhaps I use both sides equally. Yeah, that's it.

  2. Snowy Says:

    I managed to get her going both ways. Not sure what that says about my brain. I think I'd prefer not to find out…

  3. cat Says:

    lol – god knows how you get anything done in a day – all that going back and forth!

  4. cat Says:

    There's no way I can "force" her to change direction with brain power – she prefers to do it for me when I'm not looking.

  5. Rachel Says:

    You got me obsessed, too. :-p
    She only goes counter for me. How can I change her to go clockwise?

  6. TheBat45 Says:

    For the first couple of seconds she went anti clockwise, now she is stuck going clockwise. I forget what it even looked like going the other way.mmmmmm

  7. cat Says:

    go away and forget about her – then look when she's not looking

  8. cat Says:

    I know – thats funny – when she's going clockwise you can't even imagine how she could go counter clockwise! Doesn't even seem possible

  9. crazylady Says:

    you can make her 'change' – look at her with peripheral vision & she will change… look back at her with front vision & she will appear to flip back…

  10. cat Says:

    you probably shouldn't be encouraging me to go back to her!

  11. Rachel Says:

    *grin* Yap! I saw her going clockwise. When I was not looking at her, but she was still visible at corner of my eye. How amazing!

  12. cat Says:

    ok rachel – I think you need to step away from the dancer – now.

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