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papa’s slide box October 25, 2007

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Back sorting out my grandfathers slides. These would have been taken in the late 1960's I think.

Wonder if this place is still around!!


oh look – this one says 1957 so they were probably all taken around then when they went on a worl trip.


This was in london


And I'd like to know where this one is if anyone knows


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8 Responses to “papa’s slide box”

  1. those are AWESOME! WOW!

  2. new girl Says:

    There is a stadium in the States called Soldier's Field.

  3. new girl Says:

    Ooops – don't know why the link ended up under your photo. I think this might be the same place:

  4. cat Says:

    there's a stack more!!

  5. cat Says:

    I dunno – this place looks as if it's in the middle of no where – the football stadium looks like it's in a built up area. Will research some more.

  6. I am so Jealous! post some more!

  7. cat Says:

    patience, patience

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