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pedometer power October 22, 2007

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I'm wearing a pedometer today. Because it's good to remind yourself every now and then how little walking you actually do. I've read that everyone should walk 10,000 steps a day. And apparently, unless you're Amish you won't. They average about 20,000 at least. Japanese are pretty good walkers as well. You should try wearing one and you'll be suprised at the effort it takes to clock up 10,000 steps. I used to wear one a couple of years ago but I had to give it up as I became obsessive about it. If I hadn't hit 10,000 I'd find myself up in the garage at night skipping. Or walking around the kitchen while cooking. And if it fell of during the day and reset itself to 0, I'd almost cry. Then I decided I'd make my goal 15,000, then 20,000. Then I decided I was going insane and gave it up. But today it's back and the only reason I'm currently at 9,146 after 5 hours is because I did a billy blanks boot camp dvd. And I would have skipped after that but I discovered "someone" had run over my rope and smashed the handles. But I'm off to Big W to buy one now.

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8 Responses to “pedometer power”

  1. Worker Says:

    Good Luck Cat :)Can you walk a few more for me..

  2. cat Says:

    yep 14,753 and still counting

  3. I have never used one, but am now curious! I need to buy myself one. remember when Mcdonalds started the new salads and the promo was a pedometer? It still makes me giggle a bit.

  4. cat Says:

    lol – you'd probably clock up some steps with all your walking. They were giving them away for a while in cereal packs as well. They are a good incentive to do more exercise though.

  5. I took a super long one today, I left my house at 12:45 and I got home at 3:30! I must have clocked up a ton of steps! Now I will sit on my couch for a while……..I am tired, it is funny how time just slips away when you are looking at all the beauty around you. I need a pedometer!

  6. stevie Says:

    I'm wearing one as part of a walking study I'm participating in for a student's Master's thesis. I only wear mine when I'm walking for the study, but it is quite shocking to see how few steps total up. I think I might just wear mine all day one of these days just to see…

  7. cat Says:

    do wear it – be interesting to see how many someone else does

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