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breast cancer – the risks October 22, 2007

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The breast cancer centre now has a calculator on their website. So you can calculate your risk of getting breast cancer. Of course you could have all the risk factors and never get it. Being a woman is number one. So that sucks. Getting older is another – over 50 increases the risk. Drinking alcohol, not exercising, using contraception, being overweight, all increase your risk. Having a blood relative who has had it doesn't really increase your risk unless they had it when they were young. I think it said 8 or 9 women out of 10 who had breast cancer did not have a relative who had had it. Of course you could have none of the risk factors and still get it. I was thinking about the marathon runner – Kerryn McCann – who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer while preganant. She isn't old, would have excellent diet and exercise habits, doesn't drink alcohol and obviously wasn't using contraception. So the only risk she had was of being a women.

I'm at a moderately increased risk. This is due to alcohol and contraception – Although I've stopped the contraception and am working on cutting back the alcohol. Because it's probaly not worth it in the end. Damn.

calculate your risk

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5 Responses to “breast cancer – the risks”

  1. I will be right thanks – I will live in ignorant bliss, I have enough to deal with without worrying about my increased risk. Good to know about the blood relative bit though, thanks for that piece of info.Plus another big thank you to you also Cat. An unexpected parcel turned up at my address from some one called Cat and given it was a Green Ninja Chezza coaster I assume you were the cool cat who sent it. Thank you, a very nice surprise 🙂

  2. cat Says:

    oh good – you got it then – I realised after I got home that I'd sent it to a town that doesn't actually exist – was hoping the postman would sort it out.

  3. I just checked the address on the packaging – you nearly got it right :)A – Choo – Ca! Bless you :)The postcode is what really matters, they don't actually look at the town until some one rejects it and says this isn't mine. I have had a parcel go missing for 4 weeks due to the postcode being incorrect.

  4. new girl Says:

    A glass of wine or two? The choice is between saving your heart or maybe losing a breast! What sort of choice is that? Think I will go with the wine. The survival rate on breast cancer is improving (along with detection methods) – not much you can do once the heart packs it in. I am also at moderately elevated risk. does anyone else feel sick when they see that BMI number???

  5. cat Says:

    I think you're supposed to just glance quickly at the BMI number then forget all about it. I figure I'll give up twisties and chips in exchange for keeping the wine. Anyway a couple of months ago they were telling us a couple of drinks a night are good for us. Definitely good for my mental health.

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