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au naturale October 19, 2007

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I'm trying to mainly eat things that have grown out of the ground. Before they've had too many funky things and numbers added to them. So I'm pretty sure bottles of smirnoff black grow out of the ground. Because I know bottles of beer definitely do. I've seen the ad on telly. That one where the guy with the quiff  is on the farm and he grows the beer then they all do a wild kind of dance. So I'm presuming alcohol grows out of the ground. I heard them saying on the news through the week that having 2 glasses of wine a night is as bad for your health as binge drinking. So I'm wondering how bad it is for you, if you have a couple of glasses of wine each night through the week, then binge drink on the weekend. I think watching the news is bad for your health. Might give that up instead.

This beautiful book arrived from Amazon. I saw it in Sydney and it was $56 so I had a look on amazon and it only cost me $35 – to buy it, pay for postage and convert the dollars. The price of books here is outrageous. Anyway, obviously it's a book full of ATC pictures. Gorgeous.


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6 Responses to “au naturale”

  1. Paxton Says:

    Well, yes, and vodka is made from potatoes, which are a vegetable, so how bad for you could it be?

  2. cat Says:

    OMG – I hadn't thought of that – so it actually counts as my carbs – you're brilliant!

  3. Ignorance is bliss :)So when did having 2 glasses of wine a night go from being good for you to being bad for you? Fair Dinkum I wish they would make their bloody minds up!I wonder if Snowy knows yet 🙂

  4. cat Says:

    exactly – a few months ago they were saying it was good for you!!

  5. That book is on my amazon wish list!

  6. cat Says:

    It's lovely – Only has a few pages of text at the front then it's all pictures. So it only gives you a few instructions

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