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Channel 9 October 17, 2007

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Channel 9 is the thorn in my side, it is the straw that shall break my camels back. It is the bunch of aresholes that take shows on and off air as they, oh I don't know, throw the dice or something like that. I only watch three shows – ok thats a lie but dancing shows don't count. So I watch Cold Case, CSI (the original) and Damages. Lets talk about Cold Case. There were 3 episodes left in this series and they just took it off and put a series of RPA on instead. CSI just seems to come and go as they like. It has no continuity any more. I mean Kimba tells me that Kepplar only died 3 episodes ago. I haven't seen him for months. And now Damages. They banged two episodes a week into me at the start, then we went to one night a week, now it's one night a week but it doesn't start until 10.30. I'm well and truly ready to turn my lights out by 10.30.  They did that to Weeds as well. Channel 9 suck. SUCK. Sigh.

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2 Responses to “Channel 9”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I'm googling TV show, these days…

  2. I haven't been watching much TV of late, but you are exactly right. It would drive me totally insane. I love Cold Case (I watched it for the first time last night in nearly 2 years), I love Without a Trace and it is insane how they stop and start their programming. Actually I am not sure about channel Ten these days but two years ago they were doing the same to Law and Order.

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