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QotD: Blog Action Day – The Environment October 16, 2007

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12 Responses to “QotD: Blog Action Day – The Environment”

  1. Hi CatThanks for letting me know about this day. I will do what I can and hopefully stay out for trouble at the same time :)Nice pic by the way.

  2. Rachel Says:


  3. cat Says:

    yeah he broke my heart, I'm wondering if chezza managed to "stay out for some trouble"

  4. No, well yes ummmmm maybe. I did on the day – well sort of.Yesterday given my laptop crashed and I only came online for a bit and I had this thrown at me.What do you think, did I stay out of trouble? Cheesy, you are wrong once again, or as usual. Blah ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Blah. You just love to attack me. Is it my blond hair or my holey jeans that you love so much?By the way I don't mind being called Chez, Chezz or Chezza but I draw the line at Cheesy – so don't even think about it Cat – Please don't.Hey would you be interested in making a photo of a pig look like a girl for my profile photo? Please say yes and you would have freedom of expression, but I will supply the pig.

  5. cat Says:

    lol – I wouldn't call you cheesy – who is that person anyway?
    What do you mean a pig look like a girl – like a pig with a girls head or what – why do you want that??

  6. Who is that person? Cat you honestly would not want to know I am sure you will never cross paths with her unless she happens to venture back to my pig sty at some stage. Keep away from her – she will drive you insane, actually you would tell her where to go and don't worry I will be defending myself today.Why do I want a pig to look like a girl? Because of the name of my blog and because too many people do not seem to realise that Chezza is Aussie slang for a female name and they are sometimes thinking I am a man, even though my profile specifically says otherwise. I thought it would stop any confusion as sometimes people get embarrassed when they realise they have had me wrong all of this time – I think you can relate to that, given we have had a similar experience in that area :)The pig would still look like a pig but it would have I don't know – purple ribbons in fake hair of something like that – you have a better imagination for these things than me.The pig in question is at this addressChezza the pot-bellied pigLet me know what you think :)I know you think I am crazy, but besides that.

  7. cat Says:

    I had a look – do you have the original photo of the pig in a higher resolution. When I tried to enlarge that it was all fuzzy. If so email it to me.

  8. Ah here is where we have a problem. Given that my laptop crashed when I started it yesterday and it is still getting fixed, I have no access to many of my photos, I just hope they are still there when I get my laptop back. I had this great plan for yesterday I was going to back up all of my photos onto disk and as my luck goes my laptop crashed the very morning I had decided to do it.I will get back to you on this problem.

  9. cat Says:

    ok I'll have another look anyway. Reminder to self – back up more often

  10. Yes a very good reminder.It appears I am going to lose any software that I haven't got disks for i.e. that I have downloaded from the internet – including my internet security. Just great!Maybe you could steal a photo from somewhere :)No I didn't say that!

  11. cat Says:

    did you particularly want that pig – or can it be any

  12. Any pig will do. Go on weave your magic as only you know how 🙂

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