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The Day of the Jackal October 12, 2007

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What a day. Started with a trip to the dentist with Miss Lizzie where we paid $50 for him to tell us we'd have to go to a dental surgeon. Rang him and the first appointment is 8th January. Gives me time to save at least. Then Jem, Bubbles and I had decided to have a pissy lunch which just involves all bringing a food item and grog of choice. First drama of the day was when bubbles dog was delivered home after a hair trim and Miss G became hysterical when she saw him and raced in to scream that he was ruined, shaved and just skin. I thought he must have had a leg cut off. But he looks quite charming. This was before


And this is after


Actually he did look pretty cute before now I compare them. But now he definitely has the look of Falkor the Luck Dragon from The Never Ending Story.

So then we're sitting around, wine flowing when we hear this message on the answering machine from a lady a block away saying she has Jems 2 puppies there. Someone left the gate open and they must have made a dash for it. Funny thing about it was that Billie is recovering from a sore leg he won't leave alone, so he is a conehead. A conehead on the streets. Now he looks a bit evil in this photo, not sure what happened but he was shaking his head violently when I took it.


Dogs, I tell ya, dogs and kids.

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3 Responses to “The Day of the Jackal”

  1. aries67 Says:

    One of mine has just finished being a conehead too! She got a clipper burn on her butt but it wasn't my fault! I send her to a professional!
    I like Bobby both ways but gee he was cute before! I had to take a second look coz I thought he was a toy!

  2. cat Says:

    lol – same – when I first saw the photo I thought it was a stuffed toy

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