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Globus Update October 9, 2007

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 I had the dreaded barium swallow on friday and I just want to tell anyone who may have to have one – that they're nothing. NOTHING. Every one I mentioned it to couldn't wait to tell me how terrible they were so I felt sick on my way there thinking about it. I don't know if anyone else drinks Mylanta, but when I  was pregnant I kept a bottle near the bed and just slugged out of it. And mylanta is way worse in taste and texture than barium. So I drank a cup of it in water, some spread on bread and also a biscuit spread with it. Then you watch it go down your throat on the x ray screen and MY GOD, you wouldn't believe how long your tongue is. Oh yeah and I did it in front of a crowd, although of course they were all behind the safety glass, I was in the Xray danger zone. Apparently our town is so small that they haven't done one for years so people wanted to watch. It's not like it was advertised in the local paper, I just mean nurses – well I presumed they were nurses!! Anyway, the point is that it showed no food is getting stuck or "pooling". So I guess that just means I'm crazy. Now I have to go dairy free for a few weeks but I always remember I'm mean't to be going dairy free just as I'm about to put a spoonful of fetta cheese in my mouth. So will try harder and see how that works. Hopefully that will be the end of Globus as I'm sick to bloody death of it.

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