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the devil made me do it October 6, 2007

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what can I say – you may have seen chezza here

And all I can say chezza is that you left yourself WIDE OPEN. Ahh, I'm cracking myself up.


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9 Responses to “the devil made me do it”

  1. Ninja Says:

    LOL!!! Very well done indeed ;-)))

  2. Ummmm Errrrr totally speechless, not sure what to say that can be said without a string of many 4 letter words.Oh F%$#I am so glad you moved over to VOX.But couldn't you have smoothed over the tummy roll – green is not very slimming. Damn, Damn, Damn.I really am speechless, I think I need to digest this for a while. But I must say you have brightened my day – thank you :)Fantastic job by the way.

  3. Yes a copy would be great.

  4. cat Says:

    ah yes – thanks guys – I was quite impressed myself and chezza I thought you were looking very trim

  5. ninjas of the chez clan unite. brilliant cat.

  6. cat Says:

    thnaks – she is my muse

  7. Worker Says:

    LOLGreen Turtle Chezza…yeah

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