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people person part 2 October 6, 2007

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3 Responses to “people person part 2”

  1. Ninja Says:

    Naah, the first one's better. You need to find a Kath&Kim type figure with loads of 'tude and then apply that slogan. Actually, I might use this slogan on my own CV and then see if they'll appoint me chairman of the Work Choices committee? Too much?

  2. Paxton Says:

    Actually, she does look like a people person, but I guess that adds to the irony. :->

  3. cat Says:

    hmm – I liked the first one better because I love that photo but this ones grown on me. It was an idea Bat had, the stepford wife look – a friend of hers saw the slogan on a bumper sticker.

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