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Change The World October 3, 2007

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I found this little book that only cost me $12.00 at dymocks because the people who put it together are more interested in making the world a better place than fleecing me of my money. So it's full of little tips and it starts at number 51. Because you should already have 1 – 50 covered in Change The World for Ten Bucks. And number 50 is one that I've often considered. It is – Find our where your lunch has come from. Sometimes at woolies I'll see oranges or, theres another fruit, maybe grapes, that have come from America and Iit amazes me that they can't find some oranges in all of australia to sell.

" The average orange flown from the US travels 15,000km to be part of your lunch. That orange creates five times it's own weight in greenhouse gases getting here due to the fuel used."

But don't buy this one from amazon because it's the UK version – we have our own version and those bloody yanks don't have a version. Too busy growing oranges I expect.


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2 Responses to “Change The World”

  1. Paxton Says:

    Hey, somebody's got to grow the oranges! LOL. Actually, I didn't know the U.S. actually exported food to Australia. I can't imagine how much that adds to the cost.

  2. cat Says:

    california I think the sticker said

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