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The thinkers September 29, 2007

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I have conflicting feelings about the zoo. I can see it's good points expecially now they are helping in conservation and just making people aware of the extinction of different species bla bla. But I don't walk around the zoo feeling happy. They really have put a lot of work into toronga. Years ago I was so enraged by the living condition of the orangutan that I wrote a letter to the zoo making it clear how I felt. So I was happy to see that he now has a nice enclosure, designed like a rainforest with water, lots of trees etc. But it's still the primates that upset me the most. You can look into their eyes and they just look bored/unhappy. As for the orangutan, even thoug he has a new house, he wasn't going to be looked at. he'd pulled this hessian bag over his head.


And this little face


But the one that really got me was this one.



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9 Responses to “The thinkers”

  1. Ninja Says:

    I agree. Zoos are like pretty cages for animals who were born free. It's a reason why I cannot stand keeping birds or fish at home. It's also like those drop-dime peep shows where you can see working girls do their thing behind a glass pane for a few coins in Amsterdam. That's not right, too.

  2. cat Says:

    errr no ninja, I'm sure thats not right.

  3. Paxton Says:

    I get similar feelings at the zoo, Cat. I can't say about the peep shows.

  4. cat Says:

    lol – he's a worry is ninja

  5. Ninja Says:

    I worry about myself, too ;-))

  6. I think the orangutan saw me following you, that is why he put his head in a bag.

  7. aries67 Says:

    I've never been to Taronga but the Perth Zoo is 200% better than it was when I was a kid. Even back when I was little I remember being sad seeing bears in concrete cages.
    Our trip to the Bali Zoo back in April gave me the same feelings as you Cat. Concrete, muddy, small cages. I tried not to let the look of horror show on my face but my kids are 11 and 12 now and they weren't fooled either. I know an Australian zoo owner who is over there helping them now and I hope it works out – for the animals.

  8. cat Says:

    I'm sure there are some truly terrible zoos out there that should be governed by somebody. I always think of the zoo in Iraq and how terrified the animals must have been (and still be) with bombing going on constantly around them.

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