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but it’s a nice view September 28, 2007

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There were a lot of stupid people at the zoo. And they weren't afraid to voice their stupidity in very loud voices. I spent a fair bit of time checking out the giraffes and I heard a lot of people saying  "well it is a small enclosure but they have a  very nice view". As if they actually come out every morning, gaze across the harbour and think to themselves – well, doesn't the savannah look wonderful today.



And please people there is no such thing as a koala bear. It's not a bloody bear.



And then there was one of those guys who knows everything. And likes people to know he knows. So I'd seen on the news the night before we went to the zoo that the chimp enclosure had been refurbished. They put these rocks in that have holes in them that the chimps poke sticks in to get out tasty treats to eat. And at toronga they are filled with yoghurt and vegemite (because there's lots of vegemite in trees where they come from). And this guy was telling a crowd of people that the holes were filled with honey. He was telling them all about it. And I was going to keep my mouth shut but I couldn't so I turned to the crowd and said – it's yoghurt and vegemite. Actually now I think about it, yoghurts going to be pretty gross on a hot day stuck in a rock hole.


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3 Responses to “but it’s a nice view”

  1. I love that view the Giraffe's have, that would be a multi – million dollar view I would imagine. Wouldn't you say Cat? Those Giraffes are just so lucky.Yoghurt and Vegemite an interesting combination. The yoghurt was probably honey flavoured yoghurt.Nice shot of the Koala bear, generally they are asleep when I try and take a photo, its is either that or they take one look at me and hide.

  2. cat Says:

    The houses down on the water in that area are massive and so is the price tag – the poor koala doesn't get much of chance to sleep – you can pay a large fee and have your photo taken with him/her. Not sure if you get to hold him or not. Bet he gets sick of the sight of tourists

  3. That is not very fair on the Koala that people can pay money to have a photo taken with him – hopefully the amount is way out of the vast majorities price bracket . From what I know about koalas they require a lot of sleep and to be continually woken just for a photo op, is not very wildlife friendly at all.

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