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excuse me…. but I don’t think this is what I’m having September 25, 2007

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Well, the kids would've had a good laugh about this if it ever eventuated. I went to the doctor to pick up a referral for a barium swallow and the receptionist gave it to me. And I was looking at it and I went ….. hang on, this says it's for a barium enema – is that the same thing????? The doctor was standing there and laughed and said – no it's the other end. Lucky I looked. I mean I would have been a little suprised when I got there and they told me to get undressed. I would have been thinking -  thats weird, undressed just to drink something – oh well. Then I would have been really suspicious when they said, right then, roll over and bought out – well I don't know what the'y be using but my imagination has me having visions of some sort of tube like thingy. So anyway it's all sorted out. Phew.

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