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Shake it Baby September 20, 2007

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Living where I do, my book buying is restricted to whatever Big W has on offer. So I usually buy books from Amazon or Alibris (which is cheaper but much slower delivery). And because I'm a very impatient person as soon as the book is ordered I begin about 3 days later waiting for the postman to bring it to me. Sometimes they come and they've been opened and I'm sure they take so long because the customs people are reading them. So I received the latest orders this week and I love this one – it's so bright and NEW – I love running my hand over the cover.


The Other one is so fantastic because I love pulp fiction covers.  And let me tell you, back in the 60's, people were reading some weird shit.


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4 Responses to “Shake it Baby”

  1. Worker Says:

    I like sleaze sex 😉

  2. cat Says:

    well you'd like the coasters I'm going to make then!!

  3. TheBat45 Says:

    The covers? Do they pics inside or are you using word sections too? Tell me now!!!! The curiosity is killing me.


  4. cat Says:

    do you mean for the coasters Bat? That book is just full of photos of covers – no actual words from the books but information on the artists and authors – sections of words is a good idea though.

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