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designa vagina September 12, 2007

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Well it seems designer vagina's are back in the news and after reading ninja's post I've dragged out this article my sister sent to me a while back, when I first became interested in the subject. (Err, not as an option for myself)

Christopher A. Warner says he considers himself

something of a maverick, a caring physician willing to
challenge medical orthodoxy in order to help women.

That’s why the 39-year-old board-certified

obstetrician-gynecologist recently opened the Laser
Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Washington in a red
brick townhouse off Washington Circle. There, he is
building a business as the first area physician to perform controversial procedures that use a laser to
enhance sexual gratification by repairing tissue
damaged by childbirth, to give women a "youthful
aesthetic look" or to make those who are not appear to
be virgins.

David L.Matlock, the flamboyant California gynecologist who

invented or popularized many of these surgeries, says
he has performed more than 3,000 in the past 12 years
and has trained 140 doctors in a dozen states and 20
countries, including Argentina, Korea and Australia.

The proliferation of such surgeries, fueled in part by the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery and of reality television makeover shows such as the E!

network’s "Dr. 90210," alarms critics, who say there
is no evidence they are safe or effective, because
they have never been studied scientifically. Some say
the procedures foster — or create — insecurity while
doing little to treat the underlying causes of female
sexual dissatisfaction.

"I’m asked about these procedures a lot," said sex

therapist Laura Berman, who directs an eponymous
clinic for women in Chicago. "We’re in a culture,
unfortunately, where most women are falling down a
slippery slope with plastic surgery. It’s very

And Nawal Nour, an assistant professor of obstetrics

and gynecology at Harvard Medical School, is no fan of
what she calls "designer vaginas.""I have always believed that empowerment is via the brain, not the body," Nour said.

Critics and supporters of vaginal cosmetic surgery say

the mainstreaming of graphic images, including
pornography, is fueling demand.
Warner and Matlock say that patients frequently
request "a nice sleek look" similar to images seen in
Playboy magazine and on some cable TV channels. "Women
tell us they want to look like they’re 18 again,"
Matlock said.

There is little dispute that one procedure, known as

hymenoplasty, is performed primarily for the
impression it will make on men.
The surgery, which takes about 30 minutes, restores
the hymen, the membrane that typically covers the
vagina prior to first intercourse. Surgeons say there
is a growing demand for the surgery, particularly
among women of Middle Eastern and Hispanic descent –
cultures where female chastity can be a prerequisite
for marriage.

Berman said that hymenoplasty thrives on credulousness

and that patients "fall prey to these surgeons who
say, ‘I can make you look perfect.’ "

"It’s one more thing we can feel insecure about," she

observed. "We women are just suckers for that." ·

Cosmetic Surgery’s New Frontier Procedures Popularized In L.A.’s 90210 Come to D.C.’s 20037

By Sandra G. Boodman

Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 6, 2007; HE01

But if you're thinking of it for cosmetic reasons – think hard.



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2 Responses to “designa vagina”

  1. Ninja Says:

    It's scary and funny at the same time, how this issue has managed to attract quite a fair degree of feedback.
    I think it's a sign of the times when nothing much is taboo anymore and it's all out there for the taking, so to speak… including designa vaginas.
    Had Rodney Rude singing in my head just then about "my rubba vagina". LOL!!

  2. cat Says:

    it's definitely a sign of the times when women would even consider it! Rodney Rude – now theres a blast from the past.

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