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did you see the picture I did of the globus August 18, 2007

Filed under: drinking and eating,health,life,personal,random — panthergirl @ 12:14 pm

down the page a bit? And do you see the painting The Scream in the background? Well thats actually me in the backyard yesterday after trying to make an appointment with a speech pathologist. I will spare you  the long and boring story but I will say I spent a lot of time talking to answering machines, being passed from one person to the next and ending up back where I started. Without actually making an appointment. It has only convinced me further that many people must die while waiting for test results and appointments. It also seems that eating is becoming an activity fraught with danger for me. Last night while munching away on some twisties I bit the side of my cheek. You would not believe how much blood there was. Daz had a look and thought I might need medical attention but the bleeding stopped but today I have to be very careful when I close my teeth. And there are all sorts of stringy bits hanging around that I think I’ll have to cut off. I did it on the other side last week. I must have fat cheeks. Chipmunk cheeks.


2 Responses to “did you see the picture I did of the globus”

  1. Rinny Says:

    Re: Chipmunk cheeks – at least you’ll have somewhere to store food reserves for next winter….not that you’ll need them,though; what with not being able to eat and everything.

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