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globus pharyngeus August 15, 2007

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thats what I have. Went to doc yesterday and he put the camera up my nose then round the corner and down my throat – which was not at all disturbing. In fact not as disturbing as afterwards when I watched him giving the tube a rinse under the tap while he chatted to me. What, no autoclave. Actually the most disturbing moment came last night as I was going to sleep, when I was trying to remember who had been in before me. Best not to ponder these things too long. So this globus pharyngeus is when this muscle at the bottom of the oesophagus tightens up and makes it feel as if you have a ball stuck in your throat. I have to go now to a speech pathologist who will teach me exercises to relax the muscle. And I must not swallow when I feel I need to. MUST FIGHT THE URGE. Stress will make it worse – so back off everyone. I feel that if I could kill the dog, I would be totally cured. Now that I think back I remember about three months ago saying to a couple of people – I wonder if I’m getting late onset asthma – my throat feels really tight. And when I’d try and talk I felt all blocked up. I’m feeling a very strong desire to clear my throat right now. It’s because I ate some ham and eating makes it worse. In fact I think I’m developing an eating disorder. I don’t know what to eat or when. And there is no possible way I can drink another thickshake. I just can’t face another one.


2 Responses to “globus pharyngeus”

  1. debbie Says:

    hi, just read your comment having got out of hospital yesterday for a larangoscopy and a oesphogoscopy basically a camera down the throat, i had it done in may having been complaining about a lump in my throat to the doctor for a while, who tried anti biotics, then a test for thyroid and eventually referred me to ENT for the camera it found nothing and antacids did not work either in july i had a barium meal and a camera in august again. having found nothing i was taken into hospital for the above and again nothing was found. globus has been mentioned a few times hence me finding this blog. they are now sending me for an MRI scan to rule out everything but appear to have made their minds up its down to stress, to be honest it starting to make me feel paranoid and stressed!!!

  2. panthergirl Says:

    hi debbie – yes, it made me laugh when they say it can be caused by stress when it’s the constant doctors appointments,tests and waiting for results that makes you stressed! I have an appointment with a speech pathologist on monday and I think they do the barium there. I’ve also done the thyroid test and the antibiotics and the antacids. It’s a bit of a mystery isn’t it – not even much out there on the internet. If they think it’s globus ask them about speech pathology. They teach you some kind of exercises that help. They’ve sent me a form to fill out regarding the difficulty you have swallowing different foods – hard, soft, hot, cold. Good luck – it’s a terrible feeling.

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