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yes, another blog to add to the millions out there already – but why not.

you can’t run under a sprinkler anymore August 13, 2007

Not where we live anyway. Droughts and level 4 water restrictions put an end to that sort of fun. But we used to do it a lot as kids. I think we had a bore or dam the water came from so we weren’t just there wasting resources. We can barely run the hose at all anymore, let alone use a sprinkler. It works on an odds and evens basis. So even house numbers can use hand held hose for 1 hour at night on even dates. No car washing at all (which I don’t believe in anyway).  Lucky we had the flood recently – in some ways of course.

Here are my sisters and brother many many years ago looking like they’re in for a good dose of sunburn. This shall count as my elsie challenge – make it mega. And I thought I had. Made the lettering mega but now I look at it, it’s not really. But thats because I love the photo so much and kept making it larger.


credits to scrapgirls rust paper template, for the absolute best brushes out there and daughter jessie for her cute little rabbit drawing.


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